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How can a Christian vote for Democrat Joe Biden? | Pastor Sam Jones & Robert Van Dalen

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This episode of Conversations with Jeff features a conversation between Pastor Sam Jones (voting third party), Robert Van Dalen (voting for Joe Biden) and Jeff Dornik (voting for Donald Trump) about how Christians should vote in this election.

America, obviously, is extremely polarized today, especially when it comes to voting for President. Clearly, people have strong feelings about President Donald Trump, both in support and opposition. Within Christianity, there's an additional level that we have to gauge how to cast our vote in this upcoming election... and that comes to our understanding of Scripture and how that impacts our choice for leader of our country.

This episode of Conversations with Jeff features a three way discussion between a Trump supporter (Jeff Dornik), a Biden supporter (Robert Van Dalen) and a third party voter (Pastor Sam Jones). Followers of CWJ are quite familiar with Jeff and Sam's positions, yet Robert is a newcomer to the show. He's actually a Master's Seminary graduate who believes that Joe Biden and the Democrats represent a more Biblical Christian ethic of compassion and grace.

This two hour long episode features an in depth conversation about the many issues surrounding this presidential election, including illegal immigration, racism, Donald Trump, COVID-19, taxes, redistribution of wealth, LGBTQ rights and host of other issues. This should be a great episode to force you to rationally and logically think through these issues from a Biblical perspective. Remember, be like the Bereans and compare everything with Scripture to be sure that it aligns with the Will of God.

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