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How Are We Fighting Social Justice? | Jeff Dornik

I finished reading Marxianity recently, which is the newest book from Brannon Howse. In this book, Brannon takes a look at how Marxism and Christianity have been blended together to create something which he calls Marxianity. I’ve spoken to many people who have read his book, and everyone agrees that this may be one of the most timely, well-documented, well-written books to be released in recent times. He tackles this issue from a complete biblical worldview, but not limiting himself to just theology. While Social Justice has been infiltrating the church and compromising the Gospel, it’s a much larger movement and ideology than just theological. It’s deeply embedded into our political and cultural systems, as well. Brannon does an amazing job discussing how Cultural Marxism is trying to take over our society as a whole. I highly recommend you get this book!

In contrast to Brannon’s book, what I’ve found is that many church leaders today want to focus on issues strictly from a theological level. I think that this may be that it separates understanding truth from actually applying that truth. One famous celebrity pastor has even said that he intentionally doesn’t preach application, only the theology of the passage! The problem with this is that you create a bunch of book smart Christians that can split theological hairs, but when push comes to shove, they don’t know how to put that head knowledge into practice in everyday life. Sometimes I wonder if this is one of the reasons we are seeing a bunch of book-smart theologians treat each other with such hostility.

So when Social Justice and Cultural Marxism not only began infiltrating our society and became mainstream, but also began infiltrating the church, very few voices spoke out. But there were a few, including Brannon Howse, Thomas Littleton & Mike Spaulding and a few other godly men and women. As a whole, however, the leaders within Evangelicalism didn’t confront this dangerous movement. They looked the other way. They called men like Brannon Howse conspiracy theorists for discussing Cultural Marxism. They said that he shouldn’t be listened to. They tried to discredit these men and women speaking out about these issues.

However, all of a sudden, these very same leaders decided to jump in and try to not only jump on the bandwagon, but hijack the bandwagon and take over. They never acknowledged the hard work that guys like Howse and Littleton had done. They never apologized for ridiculing these men and causing their warnings to fall onto deaf ears. No, instead they acted as if no one had been talking about it before. They acted as if it was great that FINALLY someone was confronting Social Justice.

Sorry guys, but you are late to the party. Possibly even too late!

Here’s the thing that we need to remember… Evangelical Christianity is a business. It’s an industry. People are looking out for themselves and jockeying for position within the hierarchy. If you want to author a book, speak at conferences and have people listen to your podcast, you have to make sure that you are seen as the leaders of the resistance. So when you look at the landscape of those taking a stand against Social Justice, I believe we are seeing a lot of opportunists. And some of these opportunists I don’t even think they fully grasp what they are going up against.

There’s been lines in the sand that have been crossed. Pastors would rather give a pass to their SJW friends than to go up against them. It appeared that signing the Statement on Social Justice meant that you were really signing up for an email list to promote a conference that actually had some of the SJW pastors speaking there. Literally, nothing has actually changed. None of the SJWs are being disinvited from conferences or from partnership in ministry.

So really, what was the point of that statement? Why go to all the trouble of writing that statement if you weren’t going to follow through?

Unfortunately, we are seeing the SJWs linking arms and moving forward with their agenda. We are seeing the resistance splinter off and destroying our own as these pastors jockey for position within the visible hierarchy.

This is why I chose the lineup that I did for our upcoming book Social Injustice. I went to the people who had been sounding the alarm for many years. I went to the people who are actually experts on these topics. I went to the men that may not be self-promoting and trying to get on stage at these big conferences, but they sure do know their stuff! For me, this book is not about making money. It’s about educating the church so that we can form an actual resistance to, as John Macarthur put it, “the greatest threat to the Gospel” in our lifetime!

We aren’t trying to jockey for position. We are just trying to be a voice in the wilderness, doing whatever we can to point people back to Biblical Christianity. Understanding the threat Social Justice AND the solution to that threat is how we’ll beat this.

In Social Injustice, Brannon Howse is tackling the history of Social Justice. Andy Woods is looking at how this lines up with Biblical Eschatology. Mike Spaulding is discussing how progressive politics have infiltrated the church. Thomas Littleton is confronting the LGBTQ movement specifically within the church. Ken Peters is looking at the issue of abortion and why this is one are of justice we should be tackling. Ian M Giatti is discussing the patriarchy. Patrick Wyett is breaking down systemic oppression. Paige Rogers is looking at how Social Justice is attacking the family. Dustin Faulkner is taking a look at illegal immigration. Schumann is confronting white privilege. I am discussing how we should respond to income inequality. And Sam Jones is looking at how Social Justice is compromising the Gospel.

Many of these authors have been sounding the alarm for many years. Each of these authors knows their topic inside and out. There’s no compromise. We understand the threat, but also understand that it’s not about us. It’s about the goal of destroying Social Justice. The rest of Evangelicalism can jockey for leadership positions and focus on self-promotion… we’re just going to focus on the issues.

If you would like to pre-order the book SOCIAL INJUSTICE, you can do so at socialinjusticebook.com. Use the code JEFF at checkout, and you will get the audiobook for free, which each of the authors reading their own chapter of the book.

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