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Hospitals & Doctors are Blocking Effective COVID-19 Treatments

Jeff Dornik appeared on Weaponized News with Sam Chaney to discuss a wide variety of topics, including COVID-19, the truth about Ivermectin and the Recall Gavin Newsom Election.

When it comes to Ivermectin and some of the other safe and effective treatments for COVID-19, it's become apparent for all to see that the medical community by-and-large do not care about science. It all comes down to politics and pushing the globalist agenda.

Jeff and Sam take a deep dive into what's really going on, the science, the data and numbers behind COVID-19, the vaccines and treatments like Ivermectin. If you take the time to read the reports from the FDA and CDC, you'll find a completely different picture than what's painted in the mainstream media.

Here's the description of the show from Weaponized News:

Sam and Jeff discuss the Newsom Recall, insane California COVID-19 policies, treatments being blocked for COVID-19 and much more…

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