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Have Christians lost the Culture War? | Dr Andy Woods | Conversations with Jeff #82

Have Christians lost the Culture War? Dr Andy Woods joins this episode of Conversations with Jeff to discuss several current events going on and explains why he believes that we've actually lost the culture war.

During the Coronavirus crisis, many pastors were confronted with how Romans 13 applies when the government was telling churches not to meet. When the Bible says to submit to authority, which authority do we submit to? Dr Woods explains how application of Romans 13, including the fact that the Constitution explicitly recognizes our right to practice our religion without restriction from the government. In addition to that, despite Pastor John MacArthur's wishy-washy "submission" crisis of first submitting to President Trump, followed by then submitting to a lower court ruling, Andy explains that we have to look at the governmental structure to see who or what we are to submit to.

Black Lives Matter is another issue that is dividing many of the Evangelical leading pastors. Dr Woods and Jeff discuss their Marxist roots, and Andy goes so far as to call them a Communist organization. The thing that we have to understand is that they are using what should be a unifying term... I mean, Black Lives DO Matter. However, they are redefining what that means, as they are attempting to overthrow the entire system in America to rebuild it as a communist governmental structure. We have to look beyond the slogans and dig a little deeper to actually understand what is being promoted. No Christian should support the organization Black Lives Matter, especially when you see their stated platform, which is entirely anti-God, anti-Bible and anti-Christian.

And then finally, the SCOTUS decision regarding LGTBQ discrimination was discussed. Dr Woods states clearly that this is the worst Supreme Court decision since Roe v Wade. So the question becomes, what do we do now? Andy explains that he believes that Christians have lost the culture war, especially after this court ruling. However, there may be some recourse that Congress could take, but it would take true conservatives breaking away from the Establishment Republicans to limit the scope of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Have we lost the culture war? Maybe. Can we turn things around in America? Absolutely!

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