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Great pain is coming to America on a level most have thought impossible

I begin my day today with the best perspective of our church, the true condition of the churches in our city, state and nation, and the reality that if there is not a SIGNIFICANT course correction, immediately...If our message (from the Lord) premiered at the Orpheum Theater, tonight, is not heeded...If a spirit of repentance does not take hold of the hearts of God's people! Great pain is coming to America on a level most have thought impossible.

It helps to remember a man like Rev. Haddock who gave his life to warn a wicked city, state and nation that a spirit of lawlessness was dismantling everything they held so dear. (They responded to his anointed preaching of repentance by murdering him on a Sioux City street).

Thank God for the remnant preachers of righteousness all across America - the men of God who are not famous or popular - the men who do their hard work like Noah of old - who still faithfully get up and do their job every Sunday across the country to the scorn of critics and agents of Satan!

May you be encouraged and invigorated to keep going! May God blow on the hot coals in your hearts! May your tribe increase and may your children rule in the gates of your cities!

May God convict the rest of you to repent or may He permanently remove your candlesticks!

See you at the movies.

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