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God is a Single Issue God | Bishop Robert E Smith

Bishop Robert E Smith returns to Conversations with Jeff to discuss the 2020 Election between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Bishop Smith makes the argument that Christians should not vote for Joe Biden, as his platform stands against everything that God has said is good.

The issue that God focuses on first and foremost is life... Eternal Life! Everything flows out of that belief, which starts with a Biblical understanding of the Gospel. To receive eternal life, you must place your faith in Jesus Christ. The political outpouring of this is focusing on abortion and gay marriage, as both of these have direct impact on physical life, which is a representation of the spiritual principle of Eternal Life.

Abortion takes away life in the womb. Gay marriage does not allow for the creation of life. Bishop Smith makes the argument that all the rest of the law is an outpouring of those two issues of life. Since the Democrat and Joe Biden platform opposes life (both through abortion and gay marriage), Christians should not be supporting them in any way.

This conversation is a deep dive into the Theology of Politics, and will help you to understand the Christian's responsibility of how to conduct ourselves within the political world.

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