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Go Big or Go Home | Rachel Alexander

In the last stretch before Election 2020 is ultimately decided between Trump and Biden, Bobby and Rachel go over the final six contested states and what questions remain in each one about election integrity. While Joe Biden has now been declared the victor in the 2020 Election, that does not change the fact that we cannot concede this election. It's clear that the election was stolen, so it's vitally important that we do not let up on the push to expose this stolen election. Rachel Alexander joins Bobby Lopez during this episode of The Big Brown Gadfly to break down each of the states in question to figure out what really went down on Election Day and in the aftermath.

Yes, chances are extremely slim to virtually impossible to overturn the election at this point. However, we are winning the argument in the court of public opinion. This debate is between the everyday American for the Elite, both in the political system and the Evangelical system. While the Elites are holding onto power with false information, but we are gaining ground. So we cannot give up in pushing forward in this fight.

The easy route is to simply give up. Think about it, the ruling class is doing everything they can do discredit us on a personal level, which are seeing with the impeachment process that is currently going on. However, since we do have the truth on our side, we cannot concede or else it is literally the end of our country. Again, as Christians, we should be taking a stand for the truth... shining light into darkness!


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