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Genocide of a Generation

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness ring through this country as our mantra, but we have drifted so far away from what it was that those words meant when they were first spoken. In a world that is obsessed with self, we take Life to mean our own, we don’t want to think about our neighbors, our communities, and the lives of our fellow Americans, instead many believe the “Life” portion of that to pertain only to themselves, and the “Liberty” to do whatever it you feel like doing in that moment.

The pursuit of happiness has been twisted into an abomination of equality of outcome, and the pursuit itself has been tossed to the wayside. We don’t want rules, consequences, or responsibilities to rule over our lives, and the fact of the matter is that this mentality is literally killing people.

We as a nation have become so self absorbed that some deny the very life of children within the womb. Sex has been made a cheap meaningless commodity that can be traded on the internet for favors, cash, or personal release. The culture has lost the symbology and the reasoning behind self control, self discipline, and self respect. When someone chooses to make risky behaviors and sleep around, it should come as no surprise that a child is a potential outcome of such actions. It’s hard to believe that the first thought that comes to many peoples mind when faced with such a responsibility is to kill the child, to tear it limb from limb as a blood sacrifice to yourself.

The left claims that the God of the Bible is harsh and judgmental, but when they eliminate God from their own lives, they themselves assume that role of god within their own life, sacrificing children for the sake of normalcy and sexual promiscuity. No god has required more blood then the god of self indulgence, as millions of children are torn apart at the alters of planned parenthood. Thing is, is that we as Christians and Pro-Life advocates know that abortion is the stain upon our world, in our nation where we so naively claim that we are civilized while murdering innocence in broad daylight. So what are we going to do about it?

Sam DeLoach joins us on the Federalist Faction to not only put many misconceptions and lies to an end, but we offer up solutions to help slow and eventually stop abortion in our lifetime. The church must regain its position as the moral authority within the communities, we must educate people on the basics of what life is biologically, and lastly we must care for and love the single mothers that are going through the decision to save or destroy a life.

Supporting the mothers with the basics she may need, or pointing her to the many charities that are built for this exact purpose. But we must also give men the strength to take responsibility for their actions and man up. If we fail in our task to be the change in this self depraved world we will continue our genocide of the generations.

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