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The Sacrifice of Isaac Teaches us how to Teach (Genesis 1-22)

What does the Bible say about education? What should families and teachers keep in mind when educating children? In a weekly series, we will be looking at these questions step by step, taking a look at one book of the Bible at a time. We begin here with Genesis 1-22, covering the creation of the world until the sacrifice of Isaac. Several major themes stand out as crucial for education.

1. Genesis presents the creation of the world as a language act, in verbiage similar to instruction. God made reality inseparable from conceptualizations of reality because God's will led all creation into being.

2. The basic laws provided to Noah apply to all people everywhere, not only to the people chosen by God.

3. Lot loses his family because he ignored the deteriorating conditions in which his daughters had to live.

4. The sacrifice of Isaac, while theologically complex, teaches us how to teach.

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