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Former MLB star Nick Hundley is working to end Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a horrific crime that has caused so much pain and suffering for so many people caught up in it. It's fascinating how so few people are even aware of how widespread this black market trade actually is. Former professional baseball player Nick Hundley shares his transition from MLB to fighting to save women out of human trafficking during this episode of Conversations with Jeff.

As Christians involved in society today, there are actual justice issues which need to be fought. One of the really big ones that gets a lot of attention within the Church is abortion. Pastor Ken Peters is doing amazing work fighting this horrific sinful practice in our country through his organization The Church at Planned Parenthood. The other moral stain on our society is that of human trafficking. Unfortunately, it does not get the same attention that abortion gets, yet it's so much more widespread than most of us actually realize.

Often times today, the Church gets distracted with Social Justice talking points, which really are nothing more than a warping of actual justice. Instead, we should be fighting for true justice and protecting the vulnerable and those that cannot defend themselves. I applaud the pro-life movement for raising awareness to the despicable act of abortion. However, it's time that we also place a huge focus on the need to end human trafficking.

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