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Fight Censorship and Let the Truth Shine Through

The Chinese Coronavirus has brought many truths to light. We’re seeing the mettle of some people and the weakness of others. We’re watching as strong leaders do what’s right for America while weak leaders attempt to change the subject. Arguably the worst thing that became crystal clear is something patriots have known for a long time: Progressive mainstream media is not telling us the truth. Moreover, they’re propagating the Chinese Communist Party’s talking points to keep us from finding the truth ourselves.

NOQ Report is in the middle of fighting censorship. It’s not the type of censorship that most are familiar with; we’re not technically blocked anywhere. In 2020, censorship comes in the form of a technique known in Big Tech circles as “amplification and suppression.” They allow content and content producers they agree with or that align with their agenda of the moment to shine through by amplifying them above other relevant and often more accurate content. Meanwhile, they suppress content and content producers with whom they disagree.

We’ve dealt with this reality from the beginning. The last time we had to deal with it in large scale was before and during the impeachment saga when we were one of the few news outlets that was even willing to mention the name “Eric Ciaramella.” Despite having all of the boxes checked for strong placement in Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other Big Tech content aggregators, we were suppressed. In fact, Facebook even temporarily suspended our page and removed several of our posts just for uttering the alleged whistleblower’s name.

Left-leaning news outlets ran cover for Ciaramella. All of them. But even the majority of right-leaning news outlets refused to cover him, fearing retribution from Big Tech. A friend at a Big Tech company reached out and said we should back off on the stories. But people wanted to know about Ciaramella. They needed to know. They deserved to know. Our response: We posted 31 stories about him.

Did it hurt? Yes. Our Facebook page has never been the same, especially after getting dinged for an article about arson, not climate change, being the primary cause for the fires in Australia a few months ago. But here’s the thing. The truth is the truth is the truth. We’re not pawning off stories about a flat earth or peddling conspiracy theories about Paul McCartney dying in the 60s and being replaced. We’re publishing fact-based news and poignant opinions the American people need.

We are experiencing a massive push by Big Tech to keep our stories about the Chinese Coronavirus from seeing the light of day. We’ve been publishing stories about it since January. Back then, we were calling attention to it as a potential threat from both a health and an economic perspective. Once it hit the rest of media’s radar, we quickly turned to calling for calm to try to prevent overreaction by both the people and the government. But Facebook is up to their old tricks. Google/YouTube don’t want the truth to come through. Even Twitter has been acting very strangely towards our content. We are officially being suppressed.

Our dedication to the truth is the narrative Big Tech cannot control, but we need help. Sharing articles from here on social media can help. The REAL help we need is financial. It’s the wrong time to ask for money as millions of Americans struggle, but there are those of you out there who are not struggling. We are asking you to donate to the site so we can continue to promote the truth and break through the barriers mainstream media and Big Tech have set in front of us.

United, we can overcome the suppression. We can break through the censorship and deliver the truth that Americans desperately need. There is a shortage of facts buried in the cacophony of propaganda. Let’s make the truth shine through.


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