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Faithful Towers of Infamy

During this episode of Battlefront: SouthGate, Dustin Faulkner brings you to the compromise of the evangelicals to the COVID cult and globalist control of the American Christian. What problems are we about to see now that we have entered dangerous and dark territory with leftists and Marxists controlling all of the government bodies? Who will make you submit?

The freedom, liberty and opportunity that we've taken for granted is now systematically being stripped away from us. Now that the Democrats have taken over both the White House and Congress, we know that what was before limited to just states like California, Washington and New York will begin to expand to the rest of the nation. The Joe Biden administration is already implementing new policies that are meant to centralize the power and take away our Constitutional Rights.

Whether it's a national face mask mandate or even going so far as the force COVID-19 vaccines, we are facing unprecedented times where we have a government that does not acknowledge that we have any actual God-given rights. So how do we move forward as Conservatives and Christians? Dustin breaks it all down during this episode of Battlefront: SouthGate.

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