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Facebook Bans Ken Peters Over Post Condemning Iran for Killing People in the LGBTQ Community

Just the other day I had Pastor Ken Peters on my podcast, Conversations with Jeff, to discuss the issue of abortion and whether Christians should be single issue voters. It’s currently available on Facebook to watch and will be released on all other platforms on Monday.

However, I looked at Twitter today to find out that Pastor Ken has now been suspended from Facebook for three days for the following post:

“The LGBTQ supporting Iran, is like chickens supporting KFC.”

Clearly, Facebook is punishing what it believes to be bad behavior. The question is, what is that bad behavior? Let’s take a look at this.

It can’t be that Ken’s post is anti-gay... I mean, for all intents and purposes, this tweet is opposing the killing of gay Iranians. Given how progressive Facebook is, you’d think they’d applaud Ken’s post.

What’s fascinating is that this post is actually against Iran. A nation that literally sponsors terror, genocide and has no value for human rights. So, really, Facebook banned Pastor Ken not for being anti-gay (his post was literally pointing out the irony that if you are supporting Iran you are supporting a nation who kills people for being gay), but for being anti-terrorism. Now THAT’s a new low for Facebook!

Think about it... Facebook was given a choice: support the LGBTQ community or support terrorists. Facebook chose the terrorists. And literally threw the LGBTQ community under the bus.

This just shows how insane our world is today... leftism has taken away all forms of logic, reason and values and replaced it with a hierarchy, providing rankings that show how valuable you are as a person. Because Donald Trump opposes Iran, Facebook is choosing to support Iran... *cough, cough*... terrorism. They chose terrorism over the LGBTQ community.

This is what this atheistic progressive society does when it has no moral compass. There are no moral values anymore. But simply opposing our opposition. And they don’t care who they throw under the bus to do it. They’ve used the LGBTQ community for years... but they had no use for them, so they choose terrorists instead because their value lies in opposing Donald Trump. Ken’s tweet just exposed this utter hypocrisy in censorship.


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