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Evangelical Inoculators

Dustin Faulkner brings you to the SouthGate to discuss 2021 and the outlook of evangelical compromise and participation in forcing mandates, restrictions and vaccinations upon their congregants and neighbors. It's truly been surprising at how many of our Evangelical leaders have supported the stripping away of our freedoms and rights, including the restrictions in churches gathering together to worship God.

Unfortunately, as we've seen throughout 2020, our Christian leaders are almost all compromised. Some of them are wolves in sheep's clothing, while others are just following along not knowing any better. Either way, it's the same result: tyranny. While they almost all cite Romans 13 to guilt their church members into submission of our elected officials, they are clearly twisting Scripture to fit their progressive ideologies, which include a glorification of the state.

While many are taking a pietistic approach to face masks, claiming that you aren't loving your neighbor if you refuse to cover your face, this is doing nothing but forcing submission to the authoritarian Left. At the same time, this is exactly what many of our Evangelical Leaders are demanding. The unfortunate thing to understand about this is that they are, in the name of honoring God, playing right into the strategy of Globalists like George Soros. Because these supposed pastors refuse to take a stand, they are ushering in the destruction of America. It's time for Christians to no longer tolerate this corruption and compromise.


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