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Establishment Takes Red Wave Beginning with Texas

The Republican primary has occurred in Texas - of course so has the Democrat primary too. We witnessed sweeping answers to the previous question posed by Dustin Faulkner whether the #RedWave would be establishment or America and Texas first?

The answer was quite clear at 8:06 pm as declared by the AP (officially) that Governor Greg Abbott took the Republican Primary and remained the incumbent. Many upsets occurred across the districts as more of those opposing the establishment incumbents, or those establishment supported seeking new seats, fell by the wayside. What did occur here and what did it resemble?

Jackson Lahmeyer seeking the senate seat in Oklahoma, and opposing an establishment candidate, joins to discuss what happened here. Also, what does this look like from the perspective of a pastor running for political office and are we witnessing the fall of the United States? Ukraine and Russia are discussed like no other in Conservative media is doing.

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