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It's Not a Protest if there's Rioting | Dustin Faulkner on Freedom One-On-One with Jeff Dornik

Dustin Faulkner joins this episode of Freedom One-On-One with Jeff Dornik to discuss the Black Lives Matter protests and riots in response to the George Floyd tragedy.

The media keeps reporting on the Black Lives Matter "Protests", claiming that they are specifically about raising awareness for the violence that the black community experiences at the hands of the police on a daily basis. Using the case of George Floyd as the latest example, these "protests" have sprung up across America.

While we all agree that George Floyd should not have died, the question becomes: What is Black Lives Matter calling for? They are continually chanting, "No Justice, No Peace!" However, justice is being served in that case, as the police officer was arrested and is being charged with Second Degree Murder. So what's the point of these protests?

Dustin Faulkner, who is the host of the show Battlefront: SouthGate on The GK Podcast Network, comes on Freedom One-On-One with Jeff Dornik to discuss these "protests". Dustin makes the point that these "protests" are, in fact, riots and are actually criminal. It's not a protest if there's rioting and looting. The Open Up America rallies were actually protests. They were peaceful and no crime occurred. During these riots, we are seeing violence, looting and pure anarchy.

It's not a protest if there's rioting & looting. This rampant criminal behavior that needs to be shut down immediately.



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