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Drain the Evangelical Swamp!

There's a lot of talk within Conservative circles about the Deep State and the Swamp that needs to be drained in Washington DC. In all reality, we should take a hard look at our churches and the Evangelical System and clean up our own system. It's easy to look at politicians as being a part of a corrupt system and that THEY need to change things, but maybe we need to clean ourselves up, first.

During this episode of The GateKeepers Podcast, host Jeff Dornik takes a deep dive into the deeply corrupt system of the Christian Church. Whether you take a look at the conference circuit, worship music sung in churches or even all of the sermons converted into books, the system is setup to make the Evangelical Elites a TON of money. Remember, Jesus said that we should not turn His Father's house into a marketplace, and yet that's exactly what we are doing within the church today.

Matthew 23 reminds us of how Jesus confronted the Religious Elite. He didn't pull them aside for a cup of coffee (Did they have coffee back then... maybe a glass of wine?) or ask for a private meeting. He didn't "Matthew 18" them. He went straight to the everyday people, pointed his finger at the Pharisees and called them out for being a bunch of hypocrites and whitewashed tombs. Maybe we need to be a little more like Christ in our confrontation of these abusive Evangelical Elites that are simply using and abusing the Church and their congregations for more fame, fortune and power.

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