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Drafting American girls into combat is a vile barbarianism

All three Republican members of the U.S. House from Iowa joined Democrat Congresswoman Cindy Axne in supporting H.R. 4350, a bill that requires females to register for the draft.

The law of God says:

• Only men were counted to go to war (Numbers 1:2–3) • Only sons were chosen for war (1 Samuel 8:11) • Only men went to war (Genesis 14:14–15) • Daughters served in domestic roles (1 Samuel 8:13) • Wives and children did not go to war (Deuteronomy 3:19–20) • Women welcomed men back from war; never did they return with them (1 Samuel 18:6–7)

I miss Steve King. Republicans like Randy Feenstra do not represent functional, authentic Christianity, so they have abandoned and ceased to represent me. The entire party seems to have abandoned true conservative values in every fundamentally important way. What could be more fundamental than the family (and gender) as God defines it in Scripture? Feenstra’s recent gender-bending public betrayal of Christian values reminds me how far America has fallen from God’s favor and blessing. Yet so many like him pride themselves in saying, "I'm so much more righteous than those awful Democrats who ignore the Bible." This lesser-of-two-evils voting scheme carried out during every perennial election cycle has proven to be the proverbial death by 10,000 papercuts that George Washington tried to warn us about in his farewell address, when he said: “Let me now…warn you, in the most solemn manner, against the baneful effects of the spirit of party.”

Well, drafting American daughters – GIRLS – into combat is a vile barbarianism that completely disobeys the unchanging opinions of our Creator. It is an act of contempt against the authority of the Holy Scriptures and the God of Heaven for women to be drafted into military service. Where are the pastors of Orange City? Where is the outrage? Why has this man been afforded this office? Randy Feenstra’s position is the ironic position of all liberal Democrats of 1990's fame, when Bill Clinton was president. To all our shame, it has now become the unabashed position of cowardly, weak Republicans, like Feenstra, who pay weird fealty to humanists at the expense of their own soul and their nation’s future.

Feenstra's gender-bending vote is every bit as much of an assault against the authority of Scripture over human sexuality (a form of treason against the God ordained nuclear family) as was the abusive "gay-marriage" fiasco foisted upon us all by the state of Iowa's judicial tyrants, once removed from the court in 2010. On what grounds could Feenstra “Republicrats” now argue that a man who pretends to be a women should not have access to the women’s restroom? On what grounds could Feenstra now argue that two men should not pretend to get married? All of these anti-science sexual canards spring from the same poison well – a rejection of the inescapable gravity imposed by solidarity between biological science and the Holy Bible. The cases rise and fall together.

Bob Vander Plaats (who heads-up the Family Leader of Iowa) fought alongside me back in 2009 and 2010 against the state Supreme Court's irreverent gender-bending, for which I have always been very thankful, but, strangely, and not long ago, he made the terrible error of judgment to endorse Randy Feenstra - who has now ingloriously proven himself unworthy as a “woke” apostate of the faith.

What will the Family Leader and Bob Vander Plaats now do regarding this great offense against God, the church (and my three daughters) and all of your daughters? If we will not respect the authority of God’s word over human sexuality, how will we maintain a future as a people?

“He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.” – Proverbs 28:9.

Which of us “has a prayer” now? Feenstra should publicly repent and so should everyone who endorsed him or voted for him in the last primary election. We should all ask for God’s forgiveness before America “doesn’t have a prayer”, too.

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