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Dr Vladimir Zelenko: Covid Is A BioWeapon, The Poison Death Shot Is Premeditated Mass Murder

Covid-19 was not an accident. The supposed “vaccines” are more dangerous than the virus it’s claimed to treat. Both are being used by the powers-that-be for sinister reasons. These are all facts that would get someone labeled a conspiracy theorist. However, when these facts are true, we become conspiracy analysts.

Dr Vladimir Zelenko is a doctor who has been studying the data and science behind what he refers to as the bioweapon created in a lab known as covid-19. In fact, he was on the forefront off promoting HCQ and the initial Zelenko Protocol which saved countless lives in the early days of the coronavirus “pandemic”.

As a conspiracy analyst, he explains what he’s seen that leads him to believe that everything related to covid-19 is a calculated plot to usher in the New World Order. He cites the fact that this was developed in the Wuhan Lab through gain-of-function “research”, which Dr Zelenko explains is nothing more than taking a virus from an animal, giving it the additional function of being contracted by humans, and thus creating a bioweapon.

The men behind both the bioweapon and the poison death shot are stated depopulation proponents, including Bill Gates who publicly stated that he wants to lower the world’s population through the use of The Jab. I wanted to make sure that we didn’t gloss over this fact, so I flat-out asked Dr Zelenko what’s the purpose of these globalist elites wanting to depopulate the world? His answer goes beyond the state reasoning of “climate change.”

Read the full article at Freedom First Network.

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