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Don't believe the lie that men can't have an opinion on abortion

If you are a guy who holds pro-life positions and are unafraid to share those beliefs with others, chances are you have been told that, as a man, your opinion shouldn’t matter since you don’t have a uterus.

That common refrain from the Left may not last much longer, though, seeing as the Left is now telling us gender is fluid and determined by so many more variables than we previously thought. We’ve all seen the headline — “Transgender man gives birth to boy.”

But that’s another story for another day.

Here’s the reality — abortion impacts both genders (presuming it’s still OK to suggest there are only two genders) equally. Unborn baby boys are killed in abortion just like unborn baby girls are. Lives are cut short regardless of gender — though to be fair, some are cut short strictly due to gender (see sex-selective abortions).

Men also play a role in creating the unborn human life. Every aborted baby has a dad. And if we’re going to require fathers to pay child support, why doesn’t the father get a say at all in whether his child lives or dies?

Read the full article at The Iowa Standard.

***Title of this article was changed from the original***

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