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Divided We Stand

The battle over Social Justice and the infiltration of Cultural Marxism has really been raging on the forefront since the MLK50 event. That was almost like the kickoff, and it’s just snowballed ever since. Clearly, before MLK50, this was still a serious issue, but it was more subtle and not quite as much in your face. Now we are seeing it right out in the open, obvious, and no one is even trying to hide it!

The battle lines are drawn, that’s for sure. And the Cultural Marxists are in uniform, in perfect formation with their arms linked and in lock-step. But then you have the anti-SJWs over here with a ragtag team, no uniformity, made up of a bunch of little groups and constantly infighting. I mean, seriously, we are going up against the biggest, strongest, most well funded theological enemy of our lifetimes, and we’ve been in this battle for a year and we can’t get our act together. Let me explain.

The Gospel Coalition, the ERLC and other organizations promoting Social Justice are extremely well-funded. They also have everyone on board with their mission. Thus, they’ve been progressively going more and more left, ideologically. Their board members are either active promoters of this shift OR they are enablers and provide no resistance to the movement.

Whoever is not with me is against me…

-Matthew 12:30

So the SJWs are chugging along, taking Evangelicalism more and more progressive. So where’s the resistance?

There’s been a few groups that have risen to the forefront of the resistance:

WorldView Weekend

The GK

Enemies Within The Church

The Founders Ministry

Pulpit & Pen

Grace To You

The problem is that none of these groups are really uniting to go to battle with each other. Obviously, there are some alliances and some willingness to put aside secondary differences to fight Social Justice. However, that is very limited right now.

Everyone is jockeying for position because they want to be the leader of the resistance. When you look at the landscape on our side of the battle, everyone is so focused on keeping the other groups down so that they can be seen as the visible leader. This has led to many mistakes and missteps, which has led to some groups being discredited and virtually eliminated from the battle.

Imagine what we could do if we united in this battle. If we truly set aside our pride, our ambitions and our level of fame and truly fought side-by-side together. We all have a common enemy, but we’ll never defeat them if we are constantly bickering and fighting each other.

I’m seeing a parallel between the American Revolutionary War and what we are seeing within the church today. The Evangelical Establishment is like the British army: well-funded, in uniform, in lock-step and willing to do whatever they have to do to stay in power. And then we are like the American army: a ragtag team without uniforms, made up of regular men wanting to do the right thing for their families, friends and communities. We saw a lot of our Founding Fathers bickering with each other and wanting to see their colony succeed over others at times.

Eventually, however, they realized that the only way to defeat the British was to unite the colonies to create one military instead of 13 individual militias. It worked, and we now have the greatest & most free country in the history of the world!

We are at that moment today: Our own Revolutionary War moment. Clearly, this is a theological and cultural war, but it’s still a war, nonetheless. So the question is: Are we going to unite to defeat the bigger, stronger and more powerful enemy? Or are we going to continue to pick each other off one by one until there’s no more resistance? Are we going to do the enemy’s work for them and defeat ourselves from within?

A good opportunity for this unity is going to be the upcoming Stand Against Marxism Conference happening next month. We have a bunch of speakers from across several of the different camps within the resistance speaking, including fellow GKer Sam Jones and I. I’m praying that this event will be a chance for us all to get on the same page, unify around our common goal of defeating Cultural Marxism and then set aside our differences so that we can be most effective for Biblical truth.

You can register for the Stand Against Marxism Conference here.


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