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Did Joshua Harris Cover Up Sexual Abuse?

Brieta Llewellyn-Allison is the oldest child of Charlie Llewellyn.  She and all her siblings were abused by their father.  Brieta’s sister, Olivia, asked me to write about it.  Olivia was one of plaintiffs in the lawsuit against C.J. Mahaney and Covenant Life Church.  Here is the article.

The Conspiracy Surrounding Plaintiff Grace Goe at Covenant Life Church

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 5:18PM

Brieta knows about the coverup of abuse from first-hand experience.  She is referred to in the lawsuit in Complaints 156 and 157.  

156. Defendants Ricucci and Layman learned of the ongoing abuse no later than in or around 1997, when Grace Goe was 13.  At that time, a housekeeper named Mary Burcham reported the ongoing abuse of the Goe children to Defendants Ricucci and Layman, and discovery will show other Defendants.  Defendants Ricucci and Layman met with Grace Goe and her older female sibling [Brieta], who reported the fact of the abuse to the Individual Defendants and sought protection from their abusive father. 157. Rather than report the ongoing abuse to the secular authorities or take any steps to stop the abuse, Defendants informed the father that his children [Brieta & Olivia] had reported the abuse.  This led to further abuse by the father.  In exchange for the conspiracy of silence, the abusive father paid to send Defendants Mahaney, Ricucci and Layman and their families on vacation to the Kiawah Islands, South Carolina.

In October 2018, she outed Joshua Harris on the Facebook page for Biblical Christian Egalitarians (BCE) when he put out his “Statement on ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye.’”  Here’s a sampling.

Brieta Allison Until he comes clean about all the lies he told while he was a pastor and the abuse he covered up in Covenant Life (and yes, I know this personally), this paltry gesture means nothing.  He’s doing marketing now, which fits him well, as he’s always been the master of spin. 💔

All her comments are highlighted below in bold print.

Elisabeth Godbold Arnold shared a link. October 22 at 6:11 PM [2018] Huge statement!!! JOSHHARRIS.COM Statement on “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” | Joshua Harris A Statement on I Kissed Dating Goodbye For many years people have asked whether I still agree with my book I Kissed Dating Goodbye. In addition to this question, some readers have told me the book harmed them. Two years ago I began a process of re-evaluating the book. This included inviting people t...
Janice Zikan I read this earlier. A good model for what re-examining and humbly retracting some of the many extrabiblical teachings should look like.
Susan Wardell Wow.
Janice Zikan But didn’t he start backtracking on this some time ago? I know I’ve read of this before - a while back.
Elisabeth Godbold Arnold I think as the statement said that he started looking at the whole and then made a documentary about all the issues involved, but bottom line, this is his final and complete statement.
Brieta Allison He also asked for finances for his “project.” You know, to help reach more people with his apology.
Elisabeth Godbold Arnold ugh!!!
Eve Marie Barner Gleason Yeah, but no evidence the $s went to him.  They went to the film which will be distributed for free and he didn't lead that project.  A young woman, a grad school classmate of his did.
Brieta Allison I’m not going to argue the evidence here.  That aside, are you saying that his future books and promotions of his marketing business are not benefiting from him constantly re-inserting himself in the limelight?  Free publicity?  As someone with a master’s in business and research, I can assure you that there is no such thing as free advertising.  Anyone who contributed to his project, helped prop his name up even more, just as the constant sharing on social media of his “humble apology” continues to make the rounds.
Eve Marie Barner Gleason Brieta Allison yeah, sure. he's joining the ranks of ex-pastors doing something else or something else on the side.  Sure there is self-promotion and brand building here.  I'm not at all sure that's wrong through.  I'm just saying that raising funds for the film that basically takes apart his old brand doesn't benefit him directly.  It certainly benefits him indirectly as he builds his personal brand as the ex-pastor who knows how to apologize.
Charissa Garver Here’s a Link that gives more info and insight to what Brieta was talking about where he asks for funds to be paid before he would hear your story. Here's the thread for Josh Harris asking for donations for the documentary, and the charges to talk to him from Nate Sparks (link to thread for those who have Twitter -- https://twitter.com/NateSparks130/status/888879985964064772):
Brieta Allison Until he comes clean about all the lies he told while he was a pastor and the abuse he covered up in Covenant Life (and yes, I know this personally), this paltry gesture means nothing.  He’s doing marketing now, which fits him well, as he’s always been the master of spin. 💔
Dana S. Krepps I always found him to be arrogant and annoying. Heard him speak at Grove City College years ago.  His child-bride wife was barely allowed to speak!
Amber Hinebaugh Eaton Wow, I’ve never heard about any of this.
Halle Land I like the statement but would have liked it more had he not timed it to come at as promotional material for his new book. It's self serving.
Brieta Allison You can’t imagine the half of it.
Nate Chang Glad I never bothered to read...
Janice Zikan Same here.  It was after my time and before my kids.  Plus I’ve always thought dating had benefits if it is done with care and caution to avoid the pitfalls.
Bonni Funk Janice Zikan Yeah.  As my mama would say: Use the common sense that God gave ya!"
Manfred José Nissley To those questioning the timing.  Please note that he has been talking about this recantation for several years now.  He talked about this in 2016 on NPR, and I knew about it before that.
Brieta Allison This is a publicity stunt for him.  He’s in marketing.
Bonni Funk He has hurt a generation of young people, especially women.  It's not ok to just apologize, again, for promotional purposes.
Eve Marie Barner Gleason I don't think we need to suspect anything amiss about the apology.  He's taking the franchise off the market.  Most of the ppl to whom this means something-- like me -- aren't candidates for his new business services.  And, yes, as former SGM, I think he led a lot of people wrong about what happened there.  Lies?  Don't know for sure.  But somewhere along the way, he realized something was wrong and parted with his mentor and left that toxic system.  That's a good thing.  Something a lot of young SGM pastors didn't have the courage to do.
Bonni Funk Eve Marie Barner Gleason SGM?
Thomas Lee Bonni Funk Sovereign Grace Ministries.
Brieta Allison As someone who grew up in his church and helped his wife address their wedding invitations and am privy first-hand to his cover up of child abuse and his numerous lies, I can assure you that there is much that is amiss. 💔
Bonni Funk I looked up this 70-80 church "ministry." Sounds very cult like.
Eve Marie Barner Gleason Bonni Funk yeah, it was just short of that, IMO.  Definitely high control.
Brieta Allison It wasn’t short of it.  It was and still is a cult with registered sex offenders still members who prey on innocent families.  Their most recent pastor, Mr. PJ Smythe, not to be confused with CJ, another cover-up king, lied about his father’s abuse of hundreds of boys and possible murder of at least one.  Right as his father was beginning to finally look like he would answer for his decades of crimes, he mysteriously died. Perhaps not all SGM churches and off-shoots are cult-like, but from my years and years as a member of Covenant Life, I can assure you that it was.
Eve Marie Barner Gleason Brieta Allison I was only at CLC for a little less than a year and at another SGM church for another 10 years.  From what I know, those closer to the inner circle likely experienced more of the cultish stuff than those on the periphery.  I'm not trying to defend them either -- it took me years to recover after leaving.  From knowing friends who have left cults, I do know things can get much worse than what I experienced.  Interestingly enough, my SGM church had quite a few people who had left cults.  They later moved on from the SGM church after recognizing milder forms of the same tactics from leadership.
Jean Kamps I would like Harris to speak out against his sequel book, "Say Hello to Courtship".  He says, "In trying to warn people of the potential pitfalls of dating, it instilled fear for some", which, along with other articles, tells me he still thinks some form of courtship as the antithesis to dating is the way forward.  NO.  I disagree with him entirely. My husband and I are going to encourage our son to date, to casually date, to not attach the necessity of strong feelings or physical affection as a necessary precursor to dating OR courting, and to use dating as a means of getting to know himself just as much as knowing another person. We are preparing the way for dating with understanding consent in all forms and areas of life and with encouraging open dialogue regarding bodies and feelings and his own discernment. I want to see a new generation that understands dating, courting, hanging out, friendship, and all other forms of relationship that involve romantic and platonic emotions able to act on those feelings with compassion, self-trust, authenticity, total gender equality, and radical consent. Joshua Harris still falls marvellously short of this concept.
Brieta Allison Brilliant.  He falls so much more than short, excuse the pun, but yes, amen to all that you said.  He still doesn’t even get this most basic premise.
Isaac Demme I thought that was what he was referring to when he said "(this includes the two books I wrote after it whose content is similar)"
Jean Kamps He does not specifically address them, and he does a lot of backpedaling and qualifying. I don't find it enough.
Charity Kemper Sandstrom This apology starts out well, but shifts somewhere in the middle into a defensive tone. (It felt like: For those inadvertently hurt by my book, which wasn't my intention, and for which I take no personal responsibility, I'm sorry)  The fact that he's no…See More
Brieta Allison Not to minimize the pain of others from reading his unhelpful books, but the very real pain of child abuse victims whom he refused to help and continued to defend their perpetrators while he was a pastor is my issue with him.
Charissa Garver Brieta Allison omg 💔 I am so angry to hear about this 😡 Thank you so much for making people aware of this other type of abuse and neglect/negligence on his part. I have not been able as of yet to even begin to trust any of these “apologies” or “making amends” things he has done- And now I won’t spend any energy on trying. Thank you for making people aware, that is very courageous of you.

In March 2018, I wrote Brieta appealing for her to prosecute her father and speak out against the conspiracy.  Rachael  Denhollander and Boz Tchividjian were part of the dialog.  I am hopeful Brieta will have more to say in 2020.

Brie, I removed your name before when requested but inadvertently missed a second reference.  I have removed that reference now.  I am not removing your father’s name or the articles.  They are vital.  Charlie presents a danger.  I’d ask that you, Olivia and Margaret faithfully prosecute him in keeping with the teaching of Roman 13:1-5 and many other passages of Scripture.     As professing Christians, you have an obligation to do so.  He should in in jail, and if he ever got out, he’d be on registry’s list for sex offenders, so the public could be warned.  You know this is true.  Your husband, Drew, is a police officer.  It is his job to arrest and help prosecute men like your father.  Why are you covering up for your father?  Why are you protecting him from the law?  The case against him was easy to make with your testimony and that of Olivia and Margaret.   Honestly, you should be doing all in your power to bring him to justice.  You don’t get to choose which societal laws are enforced.  I wish you were far more concerned for justice rather than the Llewellyn name or your name appearing in one of my articles.  Furthermore, he should be known as an unrepented Christian and not be allowed fellowship in the Body of Christ.  Anywhere he goes he should be treated like an unbeliever and called to repentance.  If he repents, he will turn himself into law enforcement. Moreover, I didn’t out your father on my initiative.  Olivia asked me to write the article because no one in the family was willing to stand up to your parents and expose or prosecute them for their horrendous crimes.  She was terrified of you and other family members who wanted silence.  Therefore, she asked me to go public on her behalf but not reveal her identity as the one granting “permission.”  She often told me and wrote me about the unwillingness of siblings to do anything.  Here is but one example. “He [Uncle Victor] actually has a lot against him personally- all the times my sister [you] went down to his house when she was sleeping outside... Anyhow, Jeff [Olivia’s husband] tried to contact you [Brent] - wants to confirm that we would back all statements in the lawsuit- verify the accuracy of your post, but not bear the responsibility of outing- since the “permission” was contingent on you [protecting Olivia], because of my siblings.”  Olivia sent me emails from you to her and vice versa.  She’d ask for my counsel.  She felt alone because you wanted to be “as uninvolved as possible.”  Of course, I was attacked for using Olivia’s name in the article but that is what she desired.  Like other plaintiffs in the lawsuit who used their names, she wanted her name to be public because it added weight to the charges against your father.  That was a good and courageous decision.  She wrote me about it many times.  Here are a couple examples.  


I am scared of what you’re going thru, and I am terrified of losing my siblings forever- which is what would happen if they knew I gave permission. What do you want me to do?  I am guessing you knew there would be heat on you beforehand?  I didn’t think of that when I gave permission under the request that my siblings not know. There is no libel here though, because I can furnish you a copy of the CPS [Child Protective Services] reports, which although lacking the whole truth, do have both of my parents admitting to icing us in tubs and making us bleed.  One brother also acknowledges being touched “until puberty.”  And another sister confirming that.  Having a copy of that document would clear everything up. … I am sorry for that.  Give me a little time to muster the courage and I will let it be known, which means, to my siblings, that it was my choice.  It will make me alone forever.  Sorry I am having a hard time right now.  You are like Christ to bear it for me right now.  I haven’t known such goodness ever in my life. You recently wrote on Facebook. “I figured that Brent did not have your [Rachael’s] permission. As he has been known to do this over and over. Outing victims without their permission and impeding investigations.“ I did not out Rachael [Denhollander].  Here is what I wrote.  That was before I even knew about her request to not mention her pastor.  “She and Jacob, lost their church and closest friends because they took a stand for the victims of abuse in SGM and against C.J. Mahaney and those who unrighteously defended him like their senior pastor, Ryan Fullerton.” I outed your father and had permission from Olivia to do so.  She knew you would never agree.  I find that lamentable.  She should have had your support.  It needed to be done.  Charlie and Greer are both a danger and they were damning Olivia and lying to everyone in Covenant Life Church and Llewelyn Realtors.  They continue to lie and deceive.  They even managed to manipulate Olivia into recanting her story last year because she was desperate for their material support.  As a result, the pastors at CLC are telling people her story was a complete fabrication.  That is unbelievably wicked.  I will not stand for it!  Your parents and the pastors took advantage of her frailty, addictions and brokenness.  Thankfully, we have Olivia’s sworn deposition and her book and my correspondence.  She can recant but we know the truth and can prove it. Let me share an illustration of their willingness to deceive.  I discovered Bo Lotinksy, a non-staff pastor (and formerly close friend) is telling others she lied because of paragraph 154 in the lawsuit. “Grace Goe’s father also repeatedly sexually abused her, making her rub his feet, which he then inserted into her vagina.” Lotinsky claimed she was lying because it is impossible for a foot to be fully inserted into a vagina.  Of course, that was not her meaning.  He got this wicked lie from your father and mother.  But it is one that has been widely spread.  More later. The same type of attack on your sister and the other victims is found in the Liebeler report.  This should cause you to rise up in righteous indignation and take a public stand. “We want you to know that these allegations are completely false.  Period!”  [Mark Mitchell, CLC Executive Pastor] Everything else in your FB comment about me is pure slander.  I have never outed victims or impeded investigations.  Just the opposite.  I have protected victims (even when I disagreed with their silence) and cared for victims like Olivia.  And I have assisted law enforcement for over five years by providing them hundreds and hundreds of pages of evidence.  For example, I sent law enforcement 91 pages of evidence against your father and the CLC pastors who covered up his crimes.  It was a slam dunk case but because you and Margaret would not prosecute their investigation was genuinely “impeded.”  I am aware others also refused to participate like your Uncle Victor and Aunt Patti who knew about the physical and sexual abuse.  I really hope you change your mind Brie and do what is right.  Come forward like Rachael.  In fact, come forward like Olivia did at first.  Your father should be prosecuted and you can easily prove the conspiracy to cover up his crimes by Covenant Life pastors.  You and your siblings could bring a quick end to all the lying and propaganda being put out by SGC.  For instance, you should release to the press the letters between you and Joshua Harris and Grant Layman that prove their role in the conspiracy to cover up your father’s physical and sexual abuse. I also confronted your parents in person in June 2015 when they tried to con me.  It was one audacious lie after another.  For instance, your mother said Olivia was a liar because she accused your father of putting his foot in her vagina.  I immediately confronted her duplicity.  She had no response. They had no idea all the evidence in my possession.  I laid out some of it against them.  I told them about your statement that you had been abused.  To that your father said, and this is an exact quote, “Brieta will not do anything.”  I also told them of Margaret’s statement that she was likewise abused.  They were unaware.  It scared them.  They didn’t know she was talking. Never once did they deny any of the of evidence I presented.  I forcefully confronted both of them.  Your mother for the sexual abuse of the boys.  Your father for the sexual abuse of the girls.  They didn’t deny any of it because they knew I had the evidence.     And I confronted them on their incomprehensible greed.  Through my interaction with Olivia, I knew they did everything in their power to pressure her out of the lawsuit for one reason.  They didn’t want to lose the farm and their fortune!  For instance, I have a lengthy letter from your mother to Olivia [it follows].  Never once did your mother even allude to the fact they were innocent as a basis for Olivia not suing them.  She knew they would lose the lawsuit if it ever went to court.  She was ONLY concerned about their fortune.  It was the most manipulative letter I have ever read.  I told Charlie and Greer about it and told them I looked forward to presenting it and other evidence against them in a court of law. Here is another reason the truth about your father must remain public.  I received this correspondence last year. “Hello Brent.  You don’t know me.  And it’s probably weird for you to get a message from someone in NH but I am reaching out to you to because of Charlie Llewelyn.  My family has had the unfortunate opportunity to meet him in our quaint little town.  There was something about him that just did not sit with me.  I just didn’t want to be around him.  I decided to google him and the first thing I saw was an article you wrote about the allegations made by his daughters.  It makes me sick.  Now my dilemma.  I am not a member of the church he is trying to get involved with here.  But I know members there along with the head pastor.  Do you have any advise [advice] as to how I bring this information to them?  I know their children and I care for these people.” A little later, this distressed wife and mother added the following.    “Charlie approached my husband on the tennis courts to coach his son [one of your brothers] and wife [Greer].  He started out with a very aggressive.  Asking me about my faith, my family, my son and my husband’s former job.  It all made me quite uneasy.  He made comments about how cute I was and my son was.  It was just odd and he was soooo pushing about faith even after I told him I’m a practicing catholic.  “Then something weird [and] complicated happened.  My husband coaches at a prep school here. … So I guess someone reported him and they proceeded to google him.  Charlie was asked to not return to the campus.  Charlie then called my husband to deny all of the allegations but by this time I had already gone with my guy [gut] and done a lot of research.  He swears his daughters are liars and that the one that pressed charges is an alcoholic and bulimic.  And that is why she said he did the things he did.  But I do not believe anything the man says.  They have not moved here.  They have come here for about 3-4 years in the summers.  But he did indicate that he is looking for a home here.” I have copied Rachael and Boz.  I hope they persuade you to prosecute your father (and mother); and expose the pastoral conspiracy to cover up his crimes which is on-going.  I’d also encourage to go public.  That is, do interviews with WORLD, Christianity Today, The Washington Post, whomever and wherever.  Tell your story.  In other words, follow Rachael’s example.  It would do a world of good in the cause of justice for the glory of God. Charlie and Greer Llewellyn are accomplished liars and manipulators.  Olivia sent me lots of evidence regarding their guilt.  Here is a letter she forwarded from her mother.  It was written to Olivia on June 6, 2013.  Keep in mind, the Second Amended Complaint (lawsuit) was filed three weeks earlier on May 14, 2013 and I wrote The Conspiracy Surrounding Plaintiff Grace Goe at Covenant Life Church on June 4, 2013.

You’ll notice no protestation of innocence in Greer’s letter.  I sent Olivia my “Thoughts on Your Mother’s Letter” on June 8, 2013.  Those thoughts are in bold print. 

Hi Olivia, Here are my thoughts on your mother’s letter to you from two days ago. Brent

Dear Olivia, Just as you probably expected, there is little hope that we will have anything - income at all or ever, we will have to sell everything (farm, land, can’t even sell the company) if you continue to pursue the lawsuit.  This letter from your mother is full of manipulation and self-absorption.  She starts off with “Dear Olivia” but then proceeds to her real reason for writing – money.  She wants you to stop the lawsuit so they don’t lose their fortune.  She is not concerned about you.  She is concerned about preserving their wealth and maintaining their affluent lifestyle.  Why does your mother say, “There is little hope that we will have anything”?  From my perspective, that is an admission of guilt.  They won’t lose anything if they are innocent.  But if they have physically and sexually abused you for over two decades then they may lose millions.  There is no need for your mother’s craven fear if she has nothing to fear or hide. Your family is publicly shamed.  I find it hard to believe that this is what u intended.  After her concern for money, she is concerned for the family’s image.  She still shows no concern for you.  Of course, it is not your family that is shamed.  It is your father that is shamed.  The purpose for the lawsuit was not to shame your family.  It was to hold your father accountable and protect others.  There are still children at home and there are grandchildren.  Furthermore, your mother should be concerned about your shame.  You are the one that is vulnerable to shame.  You’ve had to tell the horrible story of suffering physical and sexual atrocities.  That is so hard to do.  That took great courage.  Your mother should be commending you for your actions in the past and present. I will love you always, but I’m not sure what you can expect from the rest of your family.  I think you should stop this & not go forward with this any farther.  We are already devastated, but at least may have some pieces to pick up.  This is one of the most manipulative statements I have ever read.  Your mother does understand the nature of true love.  Her letter is all about self-love.  She is preoccupied with herself and what she craves.  Your mother knew all about your father’s alleged abuses.  If they are true, she should have removed him from the home 20 years ago by turning him into the police.  She did nothing of the kind.  As a result, the ongoing abuses continued according to your factual allegations.  Rather than protect you and her other children; she allowed all of you to be exploited and harmed by your father’s behavior.  That is reprehensible. If you take this further we will have nothing.   Once again your mother returns to the subject of money.  She will have “nothing.”  That means the loss of millions which means the evidence proving trauma of a severe nature over a long period of time is overwhelming.  Those kinds of damages would never be awarded by a jury based upon flimsy or spurious evidence.  It should be easy for your parents to prove you are a liar if they are innocent.  In fact, they should be suing you.  Of course, I don’t believe you are being untruthful for a second.  You are impacting Beau & Quentin’s future especially & you still have a choice.  Please withdraw before this goes further. You are not impacting the future of your youngest brothers unless they hoped for a career in Llewellyn Relators and that assumes the appeal is successful and the case is won in your favor.  Your mother is using every conceivable pressure point to get you to withdrawal the lawsuit.  What will you have gained - esp. if the appeal is lost that was worth this devastation to your siblings & me?  Even if daddy & I deserved the shame, your siblings do not.  If the factual allegations are true, and your mother concealed or participated in similar crimes, they both deserve far more than shame.  They should go to jail.  Their pretense of being godly parents should be exposed.  It sounds like the alleged physical abuse was all about controlling the children so their behavior appeared perfect in public.    Honestly, both your parents must end the façade and come clean.  Your mother is concerned about all the wrong things.  She and your dad should only be concerned about owing their own sin, humbling themselves in private and public, and taking complete responsibility for the destruction they have caused. If the factual allegations are true, they should make a public confession of guilt, commend you and the others siblings who provided the evidence to the Covenant Life pastors, and then turn themselves into law enforcement.  They should also provide you with monies to help make a full recovery from the trauma you have suffered.  Moreover, if they have been covering up crimes, you should proceed not only in civil court but in the criminal justice system.  If your father and mother have  physically and sexually abused their own children, they need to be stopped so grandchildren and others are not put at risk.  Your withdrawal [from the lawsuit] will not erase what has been done, but it could prevent more from happening.  You still have a choice & can make a difference for your family.   This letter from your mother is psychologically abusive.  I can’t imagine being exposed to this type of control, intimidation and guilt manipulation as a child and now into adulthood.  She blames you for “what has been done.”  This kind of treatment is destructive to the human soul.  Whenever you have physical and sexual abuse you always have this kind of mental abuse.  Your mother can make a difference by humbling herself and stop blaming you.  Much more needs to happen but that starts with your mother telling the truth and taking responsibility rather than trying to silence you.  Many uninvolved people’s lives are also being affected & incomes are being threatened - not just ours.  This is not right.  Other peoples’ lives and incomes are being affected but that is not your fault.  Here’s the real question.  If your father is guilty is he going to try and cover it up and throw you under the bus?  Is he going to tell his employees and others, “Well, we were a little harsh with the kids and immodest about our conduct.  We made some well-intentioned mistakes as parents.  Don’t all of us?  But we’ve only loved Olivia all her life.  Poor Olivia, she’s a troubled soul and the real abuser for bringing this lawsuit!”  If your father is guilty he should ask forgiveness of every employee at Llewellyn Realtors and then take his millions to help them transition into new employment or start a new company.  Having the media involved to ruin reputations will not win your case in court.  And you will have a lot of people that you will have done damage to wrongfully on your conscience.  Wrong doing never brings proper justice - it just begets more evil.  Please stop this now while there can be some recovery.  Involving the media is not about ruining reputations.  It’s about reporting on a major sex abuse scandal that you and ten other Plaintiffs believe is true.  The lawsuit is not about ruining reputations.  It is about exposing evil of the worse kind.  Don’t allow you mother to put a guilt trip on you.  What you are doing is not wrong.  It is just.  What your mother is doing is wrong and begets more evil.  She needs to stop so there can be some recovery.  It is shocking to see her lecture you on morality. Not for my sake, even, but for yourself, & for your siblings especially. Of course, it is for her sake.  She has said so repeatedly.  Ending the lawsuit doesn’t serve you.  It serves injustice and it may harm your siblings and their offspring.  There is ONLY ONE REASON for you to stop dead in your tracks and pull out of the civil suit but it is not a reason your mother even touches upon in passing.  It is this.  You are a liar and Complains 152-161 are evil fabrications!  If that is true then you should stop.  However, I believe you are telling the truth.  I believe you have the evidence.  I believe the Covenant Life pastors have the evidence.  I believe your siblings have the evidence.  Therefore, you must press ahead with the civil suit and I’d encourage you to involve law enforcement. Your mother never once addresses any of your factual allegations.  Never once does she defend your father.  Never once does she deny you were physically and sexually abuse.  Never once does she say you will lose in court because the allegations are fabrications.   Why?  Because she can’t in my opinion.  I think your mother knows she and your father are guilty and her only hope is to manipulate you into silence.  That is my opinion and you are welcome to share it with your family. with love, mom There is nothing about this letter that expresses love or motherhood.

I wrote the response above on June 8, 2013.  I have no doubt Charlie and Greer Llewellyn are guilty of physically and sexually abusing their nine children.  I hope they are arrested in 2020.

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