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Destroying White Supremacy

Good Morning Patriots! In light of recent events, I have made some time to come back to you and discuss an issue because it seems as though our country is so pitted against one another that, instead of coming together over a tragedy, we use the bodies of the recently dead to push a political agenda, and rather than mourn we weaponize. These recent events I am speaking of pertain to the shooting on August 3rd in El Paso Texas at a Walmart and how the media and others responded in a rather disgusting manner.

This piece of trash, who I will not name, killed 22 people and injured another 24. He primarily targeted Hispanic people, while allowing whites and blacks to leave. According to his Manifesto he was afraid of a theoretical “Great Replacement” or “White Genocide”, which describes an event of elimination of whites within our country or even world. This mindset has led people, such as this shooter and those like him, to believe that they are acting in self-defense to protect their race. Thus, leading them to commit acts of terror against immigrants, Jews, and Muslims throughout America. Within these websites and manifestos are often linked advice as to how future attacks should be carried out. He states explicitly within the manifesto, “This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigator, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.” This was, and should be, treated as an attack by a White Supremacist. You cannot explain it away or try to hide it, and the only reason why anyone would want to explain it away is for nothing but to protect their own political agenda, which is frankly disgusting, and an act of willing ignorance. This piece of trash should be dealt with in such a way that he would be used as an example to those who would think of committing such atrocities.

With this being said, it’s time to define a few terms. It is sad that I must do this, but, well… everything is stupid and there is so much dumb. I have been labelled Alt-Right and a white supremacist, and when they were asked what the definition of such terms were, the answer I was given was, “It’s a fluid term.” That is a weak way of saying, “I’m too stupid to know the meaning of my own insults.” What this sort of mentality and extreme lack of education has lead us to is words without meaning, or an extremely watered-down sense of the term. So let us examine the term “White Supremacist”. This term is made up of two words, and both words have meaning. White, being the absence of color, or in regard to a human, someone of light colored skin or a Caucasian. Supremacist stemming from the word Supremacy, leading to a base word supreme. Supreme meaning highest degree or quality, highest in rank or authority, or Ultimate according to Merriam Webster. Making a White Supremacist a person of white skin with the ideology that his race or skin color makes him/her of the highest degree or quality. This would then, of course, lead that person to believe that people of other races are of a lesser quality or less than ultimate.

Such an aggressive egotistical ideology can lead to a mental state of paranoia. Stalin acted in much the same way regarding the Purge of 1941, where lies were fabricated and held against his generals for fear of his own failures or for undermining his own rank, or becoming treasonous. White supremacists see people of color as a threat to their own way of life, as well as to their own “rank” in the circle of life. They view minorities as a scapegoat for all of America’s problems, much like Stalin did with his generals when he began losing the battles. The problem is, they failed to realize that they are the problem. If Stalin would have view his own shortcoming and make the proper corrections his side of the battle could have ended much differently, just as if a white supremacist were to view their own ideology and stop seeing race as a mark of hierarchy, many of these problems would solve themselves, and they would cease to create issues out of an egotistical mentality formed from fantasy.

Calling out myself, as well as others, as racist and white supremacist not only shows how uneducated you are, but it also waters down the terminology of the word itself. Think about this for a second. If I state that a dying star collapsing in on itself is an incredible, I then set that as my standard for something being “Incredible”; my standard being that of the shear raw power left in the wake of a dying star. But then if I dumb it down and state that the muzzle velocity of a .223 is, in itself, incredible, though it may be intriguing, it is nowhere near as incredible as that of a star. Then if I go a step further and Lucy down the street says her cat is incredible we know one of two things are possible, she either doesn’t know what the word means or she has such a weak perception of the word. It no longer holds the power that the word “incredible” was meant to grasp because it no longer holds that standard of a dying star. After all, it’s a cat or an enlarged rat, whatever helps you sleep at night. The same goes for the term White Supremecist, such as Adolf Hitler or David Duke. These people hold the viewpoint of White Supremacy and have called out or taken action attributing toward this ideology. So when you start calling people, such as myself, a white supremacist, and have no undeniable evidence to back it up, not only are you a slanderer and a liar, but you are also dumbing down a term so much that it has lost its meaning. For what? So that you can lump people who disagree with you into a camp by using a disgusting egregious term that once had meaning before you devolved it into a “fluid” term that you can change the meaning of at any time. When this happens we see events such as what happened in El-Paso, and when that person is labeled a White Supremacist, some people may roll it off their shoulder because they just called someone a racist over not liking pineapple on pizza, and that guy wasn’t so bad. Others will fail to take the term seriously and then not look for solutions to fix this broking mentality. Both of these paths can lead to extremely destructive ends, which is why words are important.

The other thing that I find completely moronic is how these people are classified as “conservatives”, however that works. If anyone knew an ounce of history they would remember the Democratic Party was the party of slavery. Just look back to the 14th amendment where all votes in favor were Republican and all votes opposed were Democrat. Not only that, but just recently David Duke has been singing praises to Illam Omar for her anti-Semitic rhetoric in the past few months. But this goes much deeper than just these things on the surface. Take the ideology of white supremacy and then take the ideology of the Black Lives Matter Movement or the Black Panthers movement. Sure, they have stemmed from separate originations, but they all share a similar mentality of wanting or having specific privileges or victimhood status based upon the color of their skin. BLM claims a victimhood mentality due to the history of slavery, as well as the myth of white privilege where a White Supremacist is claiming victimhood to an “Invasion” of immigrants, and the browbeating from the mainstream media. Both have the ideological capacity of a four-year-old who wants a cookie simply because they want one. The ideology of the Conservative Party, in short, is that you make yourself into who you want to be based upon the sweat of your brow or the blood from your own hands. There is no victimhood mentality, there may be obstacles, but you as an individual are responsible for overcoming those obstacles. Conservatives are the party of life, revolting against Planned Parenthood and its daily atrocities for those who haven’t even been born, White Supremacy seeks to destroy the lives of those “less superior” than them. Not because of their ideas. Not because of their faith or thoughts or threats. But because of the color of their skin. To conflate a White Supremacist with the Conservative Party is lazy and ignorant.

So why then are the White Supremacist correlated to the Conservative Party? I believe this is because they are a fringe group of people who are dying out in today’s world. When something begins to die is when it fights the hardest and the loudest. You can’t make a lot of noise by yourself or with a few people, so you latch yourself to a major political or social figure and you sing their praises and warp their words to push their narrative. So, in the wake of Trump pushing for stronger borders, the white supremacist would see this to voice themselves through the President in a way of claiming that all Mexicans are invaders and need to be stomped out. We saw the same latching technique with the “Muslim Ban” that Trump imposed a few years ago. The worst part is that the leftist media jumps in on this and hands them a microphone and allows them to be viewed as a much larger organization than what they truly are. It’s a fear mongering tactic to attempt to scare people into believing that they Democratic Party is the only party that can save them by pushing the policies of the Republican Party through a distorted and twisted lens of White Supremacy.

So, before you speak at all… please realize that your words have meaning. The attempt to redefine or undefine a word so that you can call someone something they are not does absolutely nothing but hinder a very real issue from being solved. White Supremacy is a very real threat, they are very real people, and they need to be treated as the scum they are. We are all Americans, your skin color has absolutely nothing to do with who you are or what you believe, but rather how much sunscreen you may need to use on a sweltering day. It’s time to educate yourself by understanding that words have legitimate meanings, so before you end up sounding like an uneducated dimwit by calling they person you disagree with a racist or white supremacist, read a book.

The Truth is a Hard Pill to Swallow.

-The Shoe.


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