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Denise McAllister: Conservative Media is unworthy of Christians' support

Denise McAllister has worked within Conservative Media, but after her very public and hypocritical cancelling by the Elite Conservatives, she has seen the rampant Cancel Culture within our own midst. Despite the fact that Ben Shapiro and Daily Wire are publicly taking a stand against the Cancel Culture implemented by the Left against Conservatives, we must not ignore the fact that many of these same Conservative voices participate in the same sinister tactics against those that disagree with them among the Right.

Denise recently joined The Crusade Channel to break all of this down with host Mike Church.

Thursday Red Pill Diaries-Most “Conservative Media” Is An Incestuous Cabal, Unworthy of Christian’s Idolatry or Financial Support! With DC McAllister EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mike Church goes 1 on 1 with Denise McAllister, author and columnist Denise McAllister. Mike Church Show & CRUSADE Channel fans will hear DC confirm Mike Church’s explanation of why the CRUSADE Channel and any other “conservative” media companies that aren’t in the billionaire, Libertarian cabal, struggle for mere survival while the Shapiro/Domenench/Beck cabal are backed by billionaires while feigning poverty and and being pedestrian supported. If you’re investing your hard-earned dollars in these outfits because you think they’re fighting for you and the Christian cause of the gospels, you have been seriously misled. • The futility of CPAC (its a NeoCon job fair) • The Pathetic State of “Conservative” Media. • Her Experience with being “Fired” by The Federalist& Ben Shapiro and what both of those entities really are. • Old-school professional Journalism vs the Cult of Personality obsessions. • Women’s role in & out of Media.

Big Tech censorship has been expanding beyond just Conservatives… Christians are next!

While many of us have been warning about the coming persecution of Christians, I don’t think any of us thought that it would be ramping up so quickly. While we are luckily not facing physical persecution yet, such as beatings or death, we are facing censorship, deplatforming and even jail time in some instances. These are just the birth pangs of what is coming next.

While we still have a voice here at The GateKeepers, we are doing everything that we can to bypass the algorithmic walls put up by Big Tech and the Social Media companies like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Our videos used to get thousands of views across all of our platforms, while now they are being throttled and hardly getting distributed at all. An added wrinkle is that, while our video content is seeing lower views, traffic to our website has never been higher. Over the past year we’ve seen a 700% increase in traffic, and it’s been amazing to experience this kind of growth. Because of this, we’ll be launching GKTV very soon, hosting all of our shows exclusively on our platform.

While The GateKeepers started out as nothing more than a blog for me to post my articles relating to concerns within Christianity, it has now expanded into a full-fledged Christian podcast network featuring fifteen shows, a publishing company that has published three books over the past year and we are now hosting conferences on a regular basis. We’ve seen the addition of contributors to The GateKeepers such as Denise McAllister, Pastor Cary Gordon, Pastor Ken Peters, Dr Mike Spaulding, Dr Bobby Lopez and many other amazing Christian leaders. Our lineup of shows has expanded, as well, featuring shows such as The Shining Light Podcast, Conversations with Jeff, The Big Brown Gadfly, Battlefront: SouthGate and The Verum Monitae Report with Dr Mike Spaulding, in addition the the several other shows we also carry on The GateKeepers.

Everything that we do is for the purpose of expanding Biblical Christianity through the preaching of the Gospel, the exposition of God's Word and confronting error where it pops its ugly head within the Church. We are mission-focused first, and then we use technology, books, resources and events to accomplish and further the Gospel and Biblical theology.

While we’ve seen some amazing growth and expansion, we are also working hard to make this be a long-term play, and with that comes with how to fund our work here. I’ve intentionally not turned The GateKeepers into a non-profit organization because I don’t want to become beholden to the government, and I also don’t want to be focused on sending out fundraising letters constantly begging for money like most non-profit ministries do.

Instead, we have our online book store, are hosting online conferences and have our Plugged In membership program. Right now we are funded exclusively through these three different avenues. We are especially excited about our Plugged In membership, as this brings so much added value to you as a thank you for supporting our work here at The GateKeepers.

Becoming a Plugged In member provides access to the weekly episode of The GateKeepers Podcast, the monthly episode of Connected, free access to all of our online conferences, the recordings from previous online conferences and 30% off in The GK Store. If you would like to support us by becoming a Plugged In member, click here.

However, we’ve also been getting a lot of requests from supporters asking how they can donate to help support The GateKeepers. We are extremely grateful for these requests, as this will help us to expand even further and provide more quality Biblical content. If you would like to help support to The GateKeepers, you can donate through PayPal here.


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