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Debbie DeGroff exposes the SHOCKING content found in children's books! | Conversations with Jeff #94

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Debbie DeGroff is the author of the book Between the Covers: What's Inside a Children's Book? She joined this episode of Conversations with Jeff to share with host Jeff Dornik the shocking and appalling content found in children's books most likely found in your local elementary school or library.

Many people reach out to Debbie DeGroff to request a good/bad list for books. Debbie, however, chooses to intentionally not provide those lists, but instead encourage parents to read any books before allowing their children to read them. There's so much Leftist propaganda and even pornographic content in books created for children, it would shock and appall virtually any sane parent.

What we have to remember is that the education system has been hijacked by Marxists, and they see schools as an opportunity to brainwash and influence your children from an extremely young age all the way up until adulthood. This is why Conservative and Christian parents need to be so intentional about the information going into children's minds. There's sexual themes, including LGBTQ, transgender and graphic sex education; pro-communist propaganda, a rewriting of history and so much more that we have to be made aware of.

Debbie's book is a must-read for any parent with school aged children. It's important to know what is being taught to your kids in school, but also equally as important to control what is being written in the books your children are reading.

For more information on Debbie DeGroff and her extensive research on children's books, please visit http://whatsinsidechildrensbooks.com.

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