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Dave Howard: The Christian Art of Verbal Chess

During this episode of Dr Mike Live, host Dr Mike Spaulding speaks with Dave Howard, president of FoxHole Ministries and author of the new book "The Christian Art of Verbal Chess".


The Evangelical Church has been infiltrated by the Progressive Left. America has been conquered by the Globalist Elite. For Conservatives and Christians around this country, many are losing faith that God will turn things around.

I am more optimistic, however. Looking at church history and the Bible, we see that God works through a faithful few after it becomes virtually impossible. Why? Only then does He get all the glory.

This is why, here at The GateKeepers, we’ve assembled a great team of Christian pastors and everyday Christians to host shows, write articles, release books and speak at conferences, faithfully proclaiming the truth into a lost and fallen world.

While there are many great sites out there tackling the political aspect of America’s downfall, such as Freedom First Network, and there are other “discernment” sites tackling the issues confronting the church, we are taking an all-encompassing approach… confronting the Church, Culture and Politics all from a Biblical Worldview.

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