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Creating an American Conservative Movement

The world around us is quite crazy, to the see the least. COVID-19 has virtually shut down the world’s economy.

As Christians, we are also seeing the direct impact that this crisis is having on our ability to even gather together to worship God as a church family. In most states, we are seeing it be made illegal to have church. We are seeing Christians being arrested for praying outside of a Planned Parenthood, despite practicing social distancing.

Now, here’s the thing: Should we practice social distancing? Absolutely! During this time of not fully understanding the implications of COVID-19, my wife and I are taking this very seriously, staying in self-quarantine and only going out for necessities. We see this as our chance to love our neighbors by being a part of the solution instead of a part of the problem. Going out and about in these circumstances makes you a part of the problem.

With that said, the deeper question becomes: Does the government have the authority to tell churches that they cannot gather? Or tell people that they must stay home? That is an entirely different matter. You see, as Americans, we have this thing called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Clearly, these mandates are not Constitutional.

In a time of crisis, like we are facing today with the coronavirus, I understand the necessity of the temporary Stay at Home orders. The questions is this: Are these orders temporary?

Gavin Newsom, the California Governor, recently stated that this Coronavirus Crisis is going to change the way that California governs itself and will usher in a new progressive era in the state. We’ve seen congresspeople call for a permanent implementation of Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income. We are looking at the potential of large gatherings being banned indefinitely. That would mean that many larger churches would not be allowed to gather.

These are unprecedented times, for sure. However, it’s important that we have the proper worldview as we try to figure out what is the best direction for our nation to go. This is why there’s a need for the American Conservative Movement.

As we face an authoritarian power grab by those in power, we need to have the proper framework to understand how to preserve our rights, while also looking out for everyone’s best interests. We need to understand how we, as Christians, can maneuver the tension between obeying the government and obeying God.

The American Conservative Movement is going to be that organization that this nation needs. Co-founded by JD Rucker (NOQ Report & The Federalist Party), Ken Peters (The Church at Planned Parenthood), Sam Jones (The Shining Light Podcast) and myself, we are going to unify conservatives across the country, get you the right information by the top conservative minds and have a voice through numbers to ensure that America continues to be the nation that our Founding Fathers intended for us. This will be done through a variety of strategies. We are not looking to be partisan. We are not focused on the candidates themselves, but on the principles.

Our first event that ACM will be hosting is an online event called the Saving America Conference, which will livestream on Facebook on April 18th. We are putting together an amazing lineup of conservative speakers that will give you the knowledge and insight that you need to help save America from the destruction we are seeing from authoritarian progressive leftists.

Currently, the speakers confirmed for this conference are: Joshua Feuerstein, Greg Locke, Michael Johns, JD Rucker, Representative Matt Shea, Trevor Loudon, Jerry Wayne, Dr Mike Spaulding, Ken Peters, Sam Jones and myself. We will be adding a few more speakers into the mix as we get closer to this event, so stay tuned for those announcements!

As we gear up to take back America, I hope that you will join us in this movement. Go to, join our mailing list and consider helping financially as we find new and inventive ways to communicate true conservatism.

We can do this. We can bring back our country. We can fight for freedom and liberty for all. It will take knowledge. It will take truth. It will take you. It will take US. So let’s do this together!



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