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How to Save America | CWJ celebrates 100 episodes w/ Michael Johns, Ken Peters & more

Two years ago, Jeff Dornik started out with a little podcast called Conversations with Jeff where he set out to pick people's brains about issues he felt were interesting. Out of this one show came The GateKeepers Podcast Network, The GK Publishing which released three books in 2020 (Social Injustice, Church & State and 5 Steps to Kill a Nation), and from there came the launch of Freedom First Network and multiple different shows within the political world. But it all started with Conversations with Jeff, which is now celebrating its 100th episode.

Guests during this epic free-for-all conversation include Tea Party co-founder Michael Johns, TCAPP founder Pastor Ken Peters, Host of The Federalist Faction Schumann and Host of Battlefront: SouthGate Dustin Faulkner.

The main focus of this conversation is what we have to do to save America. It seems like every facet of our country is imploding before our eyes, including politics, culture, society, the economy and even the church. This roundtable discussion takes a deep dive into the political and theological response to the moral decay of our society, and then offers solutions to turn things around.


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