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Conspiracy Theory and Practice | Guest Brittany Klein | The Big Brown Gadfly with Bobby Lopez #15

It's Conspiracy Day! Bobby gets guest Brittany Klein to brainstorm all the possible conspiracy practices, not matter how wacky, that could possibly explain current events. This episode of The Big Brown Gadfly is not for conspiracy-phobes!

Many of Evangelical's biggest organizations are finally taking a stand... unfortunately, that stand is focused on the wrong issue! The Gospel Coalition and the ERLC have been taking the time to condemn right-wing conspiracy theories such as Qanon and others. While at this point, the majority of us understand that TGC & ERLC are hijacked and controlled by a bunch of Leftists, they still have a solid level of influence over mainstream Evangelicalism.

What's wrong with taking a stand against conspiracy theories? It's a form of Cancel Culture and censorship against the opposition. The thing that we have to remember is that conspiracy theories aren't bad, in and of themselves. A conspiracy is actually something that is done in secret. A theory is a guess about something that is happening. Put them together, and you are theorizing about what is happening in secret. Logically, if something is done in secret, it's not going to be common knowledge.

The main takeaway regarding conspiracy theories is that it's not wrong to ask questions. Whether it's in regards to Qanon, Pizzagate or any other wild conspiracy theory, the best thing you can do is ask questions and do your own research. If someone IS doing something sinister in secret, then the only way that gets exposed is for people to do research and ask questions. It wasn't that long ago when it was a conspiracy theory that the government was listening in on our phone calls. Then comes Edward Snowden exposing the NSA for not only listening in on our calls, but recording them and saving them. So don't pretend that believing a conspiracy theory in and of itself is wrong. Just make sure that anything you believe in is rooted in fact and truth.

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