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Conservatives Have an Idolatry Problem | Guest Jeff Dornik | Romans One with Denise McAllister

Welcome to the Romans One podcast where we examine current events in light of Paul’s teaching in Romans 1 where he describes a culture that has turned from God’s truth because of its love of sin and worship of self. Host Denise McAllister talks with Gatekeepers Founder Jeff Dornik about how conservative Christians have made idols of public figures, media elites, and religious leaders by investing too much in their powerful platforms instead of God—the topic of Denise’s article at Romans One: “Conservatives Have an idolatry Problem: Thoughts on Tucker Carlson’s Plight.”

This is particularly troubling in a day when conservatives are being attacked by those who want to transform this country into a post-Christian Marxist ideal. In the midst of this cultural and religious battle, if we invest too much in human beings or human institutions, we will be lost when they’re toppled. Whether these cultural, political, or religious leaders are brought down by their own faults or by the schemes of their enemies (or both), Christians can’t despair of God’s power in this world or assume that such voices are irreplaceable.

Denise and Jeff break down this issue in all its complexity and offer suggestions on how to deal with our own idolatry and those who seek to tear down our founding principles and the faith that made this nation’s great.

Music: Portland Rain by Ryan Anderson

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