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Conservative Mindy Robinson Censored by Twitter

There’s been a longstanding problem with the Big Tech companies censoring conservative voices. We’ve seen it from all of the main Social Media companies, including Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and Instagram. The algorithms are biased against conservatives, without a shadow of a doubt. It’s clear that they are using their companies to promote a leftist agenda.

Last night, we saw a friend of The GK, Mindy Robinson, at the receiving end of this Big Tech censorship for this tweet:

Twitter locked her out of her account, demanding that she take the tweet down. The Catch 22 was that they wouldn’t reopen her account until she deleted the tweet, but she couldn’t delete the tweet until they reopened her account. Many of us used the hashtag #FreeMindy to bring awareness to this issue. This is a tweet that has no reason to be censored... especially compared to the vulgar garbage that's out there, especially those tweets directed at conservatives and President Trump.

The thing is, this is a glaring example of how much power these Big Tech companies have. Mindy is currently running for Congress in Nevada, and with the current stay at home orders, her primary form of campaigning is through Social Media. So for Twitter to take her voice away as she’s closing in on her local primary is highly suspect.

After MANY tweets calling for Twitter to reverse their decision, as well some with access who directly contacted Twitter, the company finally stated that this was a “system error.” Similar claims have occurred from these Big Tech companies in regards to censorship of people like Dave Rubin, Steven Crowder and Tulsi Gabbard. Even my good friend Pastor Ken Peters has been censored numerous times, and is currently locked out of his Facebook account for posting a meme that FB didn’t like! The question then becomes… why do these “system errors” only target Conservatives and Christians?

The answer to this lies in the algorithms. You see, these Big Tech companies use algorithms to determine which posts you’ll get to see. Back in the day you used to scroll through posts in chronological order. Now the posts are fed to you by the algorithms for what they claim you want to see… or rather, what they want you to see. They also use algorithms to determine censorship. This is a serious problem.

Here’s why: We all know that Silicon Valley is primarily made up of progressive Democrats. They have a bias, often times unrealized. When you live in a bubble surrounded by only those that agree with you, it’s very easy to forget that there’s prominent opposing views out there that need to be heard.

So, when these techies create the algorithms that impact whether your voice or perspective is heard, there is bias written into the code. This was exemplified in Joe Rogan’s podcast with Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. He was literally caught off guard after it was proven on the show that there’s bias in their censorship. He had no idea that this biased censorship was a problem. I attribute that to their constant affirmation bias. With that said, things have only gotten worse since then.

Let me give you an example, if you are a lefty and are trying to eliminate hate speech or misinformation, you will have a different understanding of that definition than someone on the right. It’s easy for Dems to think that support of Donald Trump is racist, so thus support of Trump should be limited to avoid racism. If you support The WHO, then it’s easy to think that those questioning their positions is misinformation and needs to be silenced. The problem with this is obvious: censorship occurs among political party lines. We are now taking away people’s ability to ask questions, put forth unique ideas and challenge the status quo.

This needs to stop. We can’t keep allowing these lefty tech companies to hide behind the excuse of “system error.” These errors happen because of the bias of those creating the code behind the algorithms. This needs to change. These tech companies need to stop being publishers and go back to being platforms. They need to stop regulating speech and stop working with the government to push a particular narrative. They are literally taking away our ability to practice our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and in Facebook’s case, our ability to practice our right to peaceably assemble.

The more that we can make the public aware of this censorship the better. Newcomer candidates like Mindy Robinson rely on Social Media to get their message out there to compete with the big dogs funded by special interests. You take that away, you are only contributing to the corruption of the political system. It’s time to Drain the Swamp, and it’s time to root out corruption. As long as Big Government and Big Corporations continue to censor and silence opposition, we’ll continue to be in this constant state of polarization. Bring back conversation. Bring back freedom of expression. Bring back Freedom, period. Enough is enough.



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