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Communists, Socialists & Marxists are Destroying America | Rep Matt Shea | Conversations with Jeff

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Washington State Representative Matt Shea joins this episode of Conversations with Jeff to explain what's actually going on in regards to the current chaos occurring in our country. We have an anti-God, anti-Christian enemy attempting to destroy America, the last beacon of freedom and liberty in the world.

One of the leading reasons why the Marxists have been able to grab hold within our country is because of the failure of Christian leaders to truly exposit God's Word from the pulpits. The churches have been infiltrated with progressive leftists, rendering many of these prominent churches useless in the fight over truth.

We need to reclaim our churches with pastors who will preach the one true Gospel found in God's Word. We also need churches with pastors preaching boldly about the moral decay we are seeing in our society. And, finally, we need churches with pastors that have know American history and understand the beauty of our nation which has created a space for Christianity to thrive and spread the Gospel around the world.

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