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Coca-Cola isn’t “reverse racist”… they are just racist

Coca-Cola recently held some training for their employees that promoted the concept that they need to “be less white.” The outcry from Conservatives was widespread, even getting LinkedIn to take down the slideshow in the name of combatting “reverse racism.” The reality is that there is no such thing as reverse racism… there’s just racism.

This is a symptom of the deeply racist ideology of the Democrat Party and those that are buying into their Cultural Marxist ideology. The Constitution provides equality under the law, in which everyone is treated evenly and fairly across the board. Are there instances where individuals do not uphold this equality? Absolutely. Is it true that there is still racism in America? For sure. However, that does not mean that the entire system is racist. Which leads us into the greater point…

The new terminology is equity, not equality. This idea of racial equity is rooted in the historically racist ideology of the Democrat Party. Don’t forget that it was the Democrats who were the party of slavery. The Democrats were also the party of Jim Crow laws. And even today, the Dems are the party defending China, who provides products for dirt cheap to America because of their widespread use of slave labor. Ultimately, the Democrats always have been the party of slavery and bigotry… and that has continued into present day.

Now, equity is the idea that the only way to fix an unfair and racist system, such as America (according to their ideology), is to provide extra handouts to some at the expense of those that are privileged. The problem? They are tying this equity to skin color. In order for their ideology to make sense, you have to buy into the idea that Black Americans are inferior to White Americans, and the only way for African-Americans to reach equality is with a handout from White America. I’ve watched countless videos of Lefties attempting to explain racial equity, and it always comes back to white privilege, or in other words: white supremacy. In order for this ideology to make sense, you have to view the world through a racist worldview. I don’t see any other way around it!

Thus, when you hear the claim that white people are racist unless they become “anti-racist,” which is what was taught by Coca-Cola, this is actually referring to the need for white people to embrace this bigoted worldview that whites are superior and we have to fight for equity for those that are “less than.” I reject this ideology on its face.

Conservatism is rooted in the value of human life. We believe that we are all equally created in the image of God. The color of your skin does not change your worth or value. You are deemed equal under the eyes of the law… and even more importantly before God. We must reject racism wherever we find it, no matter who is propagating it. In this instance, the racist ideology is in found within the Democrat platform. It’s also found being pushed onto the employees of Coca-Cola. We cannot tolerate this bigotry in this country anymore.


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