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Clay Clark: The Three Questions Every Person Must Ask Before Getting the Jab

Clay Clark, host of the Thrivetime Show and emcee of the ReAwaken America Tour, joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss the five things that every American needs to do to in light of current events. However, before we get to that, we first have to understand what’s going on with the COVID-19 injections. Clay shares the three questions that every man, woman and child must ask before taking The Jab: 1) who made the shot? 2) Why are they pushing the shot? 3) What are in the shots?

For many of you who have been listening to my shows and interviews, it feels like we are living through a real life conspiracy theory movie. Every time we turn around, we find out that we’re being lied to. It’s important that we decipher what’s real and what’s disinformation… plus we need to be using the right questions.

Clay Clark joined me for an episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to present the three questions that any rational and sane person should ask before getting injected with the COVID-19 Jab. These are common sense questions that the vast majority of Americans are simply not asking.

The first question is: Who made The Jab? According to Clay, Bill Gates has funded much of the technology that created the mRNA “vaccines.” He’s also the one who’s been pushing the PCR tests which are being used improperly and aren’t even checking for COVID-19. Additionally, the CDC Foundation receives money from, you guessed it, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates is all over the COVID-19 and the supposed vaccines.

Now, a followup question within this topic is who influences Bill Gates? Well, his spiritual advisor is a Satan worshipping spirit cooker named Marina Abramović. Her “performances” include cannibalistic rituals that would shock and appall anyone. Again, this is the spiritual influence of Bill Gate.

Gates also befriended Jeffrey Epstein. They became friends AFTER Epstein became the world’s most notorious pedophile. Additionally, his desire was to create his own race of people. That’s not creepy at all.

So, let’s get this straight… Bill Gates is behind the COVID-19 vaccine, the PCR test and the CDC and his advisors include a Satanic spirit cooke and the world’s most notorious pedophile. We all caught up?

The second question is: Why are they pushing The Jab? This is where the Great Reset comes into play. The book that Klaus Schwab put out was called COVID-19: The Great Reset. According to Clay, COVID-19 stands for Certificate of Vaccine Identification: Artificial Intelligence (AI are the first and ninth letters of the alphabet).

It’s obvious that the globalist elites are using this plandemic to usher in a New World Order, completely changing every aspect of life. One of those changes might potentially involve Bill Gates patent W2020060606, which is a cryptocurrency that uses your body to authorize transactions. That’s not Mark of the Beast stuff at all, right?

The final question is: What are in the shots? Clay reveals that there’s something called Luciferace, Graphene Oxide and RNA modifying nanotechnology. We know that Graphene Oxide is used as the foundation of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. If it’s true that it’s also in The Jab, this could definitely lead to a conclusion that this is transhumanism occurring right before our eyes. Adding to this theory is that Moderna refers to The Jab as the Software of Life.

It’s clear that if you do your own research in answering these three questions, you’ll begin to see the big picture. There’s still a lot of questions to be asked and answered, but this is plenty to raise enough concerns to ward anyone off of getting The Jab right now.

I encourage you to run through this exercise with any of your friends and family that are considering getting The Jab. Make them look up the answers to these questions on Duck Duck Go. The answers will shock them and force them to second-guess everything they’ve been told.

Check out Clay Clark’s show at


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