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Church & State: Statism is the Religion of the Evangelical Left | Dr Mike Spaulding

Dr Mike Spaulding exposes the Evangelical Elites for embracing and promoting Statism within the Church, which is what he wrote about in the book Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America. Conversations with Jeff is doing a series interviewing each of the contributing authors of this book, discussing the topics of their chapters.

We've seen the infiltration of the Marxists into all areas of influence, whether it's entertainment, the mainstream media, education and politics... and now we are seeing that infiltration into the Evangelical Church. They know that if they can take away our nation's moral compass, they can destroy it from within. This is why they are targeting the church.

Dr Mike breaks down the worship of Statism within the church, where these Evangelical Elite are promoting unending submission to the government, no matter how ungodly it has become. We've seen this from such leaders as Tim Keller, Russell Moore and JD Greear, who are even going so far as to promote the idea that it's the government's job to solve society's problems. The problem with that is, however, that God designates the local church community to provide for most of the solutions to our nation's problems, including helping the poor, caring for the sick and creating unity. By outsourcing to big government, we take the moral personal responsibility off of the shoulders of Christians and onto the Government. This is dangerous. This is unbiblical.

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