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Church & State: Sexual Identity | Denise McAllister

Denise McAllister takes a look at how the Left is hijacking the Biblical teaching on Sexual Identity, redefining it from something that God creates you for to be something that you self-identify as. Jeff Dornik and Denise take a deep dive into this vitally important topic, which she wrote about in her chapter in the new book Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America.

For many Conservative Christians, it's easy to get distracted with the political debates over gay marriage and LGBTQ rights. This is simply distracting from the primary issue, which comes down to Sexual Identity. Denise explains that God designed men and women for sex within marriage. Anything other than that is outside of how God created us.

By redefining our identity, the Left has hijacked Biblical teaching on sin and God's intention for our lives. This has led to rampant false teaching and the promotion of Leftist ideology within the Evangelical Church. We must remember that God created us to reflect his character, and this includes in our Sexual Identity. Marriage is designed to be a reflection of our relationship with God, which is why we cannot tolerate any supposed "identity" outside of that specific intention.

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