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Christians Don't Lay Down

At a time when power is switching in the country to the leftists, Marxists, globalists and all anti-Christians the Body of Christ appears to be cowering into silence. We are not to give in. We must not be silent and if we do then we bring shame to the glory of God. During this episode of Battlefront: SouthGate, Dustin Faulkner brings strong exhortation in this episode for the coming days and years that we are about to experience.

We are entering into do-or-die time for America, and the fact that the Church is continually backing down from the fight is not a good indication for the future of our country. We need strong leaders within the Church to fight for our freedoms, liberties and opportunity for all. Unfortunately, that's simply lacking among our Evangelical Leaders.

Being a good Christian is not submission no matter what. It is fighting for our rights, not selfishly, but out of love for your neighbor. The best way to ensure that the Gospel can continue to be preached freely is to have Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech. Our government is doing everything it can to strip us of those rights, and many of the mainstream Christian leaders are doing nothing about it. Let's rise up, push back and promote a Biblical worldview through the preservation of our Constitutional Rights. That means actively opposing the anti-God platform of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

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