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Christians and the 2020 Election: Who Will Defend the Bible?

President Trump has flaws. We all do. We all fall short of the glory of God, which is why He sacrificed His Son to cover our sins. But there are still many Christians who have a hard time voting for a man whose flaws assault their sensibilities. They are considering voting for a Democrat, voting their conscience through a third-party candidate, or not voting at all. Doing so would not only be a mistake for the nation. It would also be an act of selfishness.

Unless there's a cataclysmic change in the political dynamic over the next 11 months, there are only two viable options: Voting for President Trump or not. Voting for a Democrat does direct damage to his chances while voting third-party or not at all is damaging by omission. Anything other than rallying behind President Trump, even without enthusiasm, will aid in bringing forth the rise of an oppressive, anti-Biblical government in America.

Nevertheless, some will refuse to vote for such a sinner. Perhaps they don't like his personality, crass and haughty as it is. Some may oppose some of his policies; I've found myself at odds with many of his choices. Others might point to his sinful history which is pocked with infidelity, lies, and likely worse things of which we're not even aware. To those who find his flaws too numerous or severe to support, I beg you to look at the alternative.

The person who would defeat President Trump will be pro-abortion. This is extremely important to consider because there is currently a risky makeup in the Supreme Court as it pertains to combating abortion-on-demand. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh are on the fence when it comes to Roe v. Wade as well as state legislation, whether promoting abortion or reducing it. With 1-3 seats on the Supreme Court likely coming open in the next five years, the notion that we can survive one term of a pro-abortion Democrat in the White House is absolutely false.

We're close. Never have we been so close to having a Supreme Court makeup that can finally fight for the rights of God's creations in the womb. Blowing through one term of any of the Democratic candidates will set us back another two or three decades. That equates to millions of murdered preborn babies as a result of not reelecting President Trump.

As I detailed in my article, An easy Christian case for President Trump, there's arguably a bigger reason to do everything we can to keep a Democrat out of the Oval Office. We witnessed the most rapid degradation of our nation's moral threads during President Obama's two terms in the White House. It fundamentally changed the way the nation generally feels towards anti-Biblical notions like gay marriage, government-mandated sensibilities against religious liberties, and transgender supremacy. Lest we forget, even far-left California voted down gay marriage just over a decade ago. President Obama's "leadership" from the White House set a cultural standard, one of pure cultural Marxism.

Compared to the current batch of Democratic candidates (yes, including Joe Biden), President Obama is practically a conservative. They are all virtue-signalling social justice warriors to some degree. We watched in real time as Biden reversed course on the Hyde Amendment. The candidates have taken turns promoting radical ideas that push further to the left than the others. Some would say that's just primary politics and whoever gets the nomination will migrate to the center, but when you push as far to the left as these candidates have, even a substantial shift once the nominee gets into general-election-mode is still much further to the left than any President in United States history.

Look around. The left is no longer interested in debating conservative Christians. They are now out to destroy us. From Washington DC through obtrusive anti-Biblical laws to Main Street, USA, where Antifa, Extinction Rebellion, and other activist groups spew vitriol at the hint of a Biblical worldview, the left is bent on quashing all religious rights. They aren't just targeting all religions, either. They're specifically going after anyone of the Judeo-Christian faiths. With a Democrat back in the White House, they will be able to strike the death blow on our abilities to worship freely and engage in a Biblical lifestyle.

This is the point where some will point out the reality that we can't stop the Democrats forever. I agree. But if President Trump survives impeachment and the onslaught of negative press he receives to win reelection, the Democratic Party will start doing some serious soul searching. Pundits will come to the conclusion they simply went too far to the left. There was a time when a Democrat could be pro-life. That's no longer the case. There was a time when a Democrat could be pro-liberty. Such concepts are anathema in the modern Democratic Party. And when they stop to realize their extreme shifts since 2016 cost them an election that they believe they clearly should have won, there's a chance that cooler minds will prevail and draw the party back towards the center.

It's often said "this" election is the most important in years, decades, generations, or lifetimes. Every time, it's hyperbole. This time, it can be demonstrated that a President Trump reelection victory against a socialism-leaning Democratic candidate does much more than simply shape the Supreme Court and extend an agenda for four more years. This election really may be the most important of our lifetimes.

There's one important question to ask yourself about President Trump. Whether we believe he is a good leader or not is irrelevant since we know for certain that the alternative would lead our nation astray. We can question the sincerity of his faith or the efficacy of his policies. But one thing he has demonstrated is he is a staunch defender of the Bible. He has done nothing to keep the Gospel away from Americans and has expanded our abilities to express our faith. With this knowledge, please ask yourself, "Will any of the Democratic candidates defend the Bible as President Trump has?"

Some say a binary choice is unAmerican. I'm one of them. But I'm also realistic enough to acknowledge that this is what we have going into an election with the highest stakes imaginable. That's why I support President Trump, imperfections and all.

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