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Chris Harper: Through all the Dark Times, God Still Provides

Have you ever gone to a concert to go see your favorite singer, or maybe a band? It’s truly an odd experience when you think about it, all these people showing up under one roof, standing in a line that wraps around the city block to go see a few people sing their hearts out on stage.

Once you get to the floor in front of the stage, you find yourself awkwardly bumping into strangers, exchanging the odd look back and forth, doing your very best to respect the personal space of those around you.

Sure some small talk may arise, but even when it does its awkward and difficult to find commonality. That is until the drums begin to pound, and the chord is struck on the guitar, the crowd erupts into applause with one commonality. The singer steps onto the stage and grips the mic in his hand before unleashing a part of his soul upon the stage, and practically everyone sings along.

In unison you dance, you jump, and you sing, a common almost out of body force comes over the crowd, those strangers that were once beside you are now your best friends. You leave the politics, the job, the reality of this world behind for one commonality that is shared among that group. Music is an incredible force that has the power to unite people from all different walks of life.

Chris Harper joins us on this episode to show how music became his instrument in sharing the love of Christ. The passion and heart this man is poured out into lyrics and song as he shares the hard realities of the world we live in. His call to act was was shouted and Chris picked up the mantel and answered without hesitation.

As Chris Harper told us of his past struggles in the darkest times of his life one thing always remained constant, God Always provides.



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