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Carl Crew, the CIA & the Christian Outrage Culture | Jeff Dornik | Conversations with Jeff #23

During this episode of Conversations with Jeff, the guest is the host and the host is a guest host. Pastor Sam Jones hosts this podcast featuring Jeff Dornik as the guest to discuss some of the controversies that are continually brought up by the same old Twitter mob. While a lot of this pertains to his relationship with Carl Crew, who was actually the very first guest on CWJ, the discussion turns to the theological implications of justification & sanctification, evangelism and even church discipline. The important thing about this conversation is that we can disagree and have different convictions, but we should still be able to talk it out like brothers & sisters in Christ without attempting to destroy each other, as so many have done.

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Jeff Dornik

Twitter http://twitter.com/jeffthegk

Website http://gatekeepersonline.com

Sam Jones

Twitter http://twitter.com/samjone217

Website http://theshininglightministries.com

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