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Can morality exist without God? | Schumann

The Intellectual Dark Web began a lot of open discussions between thought leaders in our society regarding philosophy, religion, politics and morality. It seems as if, however, they were all starting from the wrong presuppositions when it comes to morality. None of the IDW guys are actually Christians, so they are not rooting their morality on God's Word. The closest, ideologically, would be a Jordan Peterson or Ben Shapiro. However, often times even they would make arguments regarding morality void of any basis in what God laid out in His Word. During this episode of Conversations with Jeff, Schumann really gets into whether morality even exists without the existence of God.

In society today, we are seeing the results of morality separated from God. Think about it, everyone is simply doing what is right in their own eyes. This is the danger with morality being subjective as opposed to objective. When we can create our own morality out of thin air, that is just as subjective as you believing that you can choose your own gender. When you believe that morality is created and controlled by God Himself, then we are bound by those rules and restrictions no matter what we think about them.

Here in America, if we want to turn things around and bring back what made our nation truly great, we are first going to have to deal with the lack of morality caused by a lack of faith in God. We must begin laying down the foundation from where we can build a society. However, until we can repent as a nation and bring our morality back to the objective believe in God's Word and His commands, we have no chance in saving our country.

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