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Both the Pietists and Social Justice Warriors need to repent of their heresy

Christians must guard against becoming so political that they forget the importance of saving lost individual souls. On the other hand, Christians must also guard against priding themselves in being so non-political that the society they live in becomes nearly unsavable.

These two extremes are demonstrated by the errors of the “social justice warriors” and by the malfeasance of the Christian “pietists."

Social justice warriors, who preach a false gospel of race-based victimization and intersectionality, love to spring-board off the truths the Bible declares about God's Kingdom. They correctly point out that Jesus prayed, "Thy will be done ON EARTH as it is in Heaven." Then they correctly argue that Jesus’ prayer and expectations for God’s will to impact this earth proves they must engage in the political arena. The “woke evangelists” fall into error by redefining Biblical justice so that instead of God’s will, it ends up being their own Marxist will being implemented "on earth as it is not in Heaven." The Kingdom realities of the Scripture end up being twisted into a justification for left-wing political and social activism - things easily proven to be unfaithful to Christian orthodoxy. Marxism is unscriptural!

Christians paralyzed by the errant doctrine of pietism (who mistakenly believe that Christians and the Church are ONLY here to get people born again) properly criticize the social justice warriors for left-wing (Biblically unsupportable) views, yet they themselves enter into error by also criticizing the Biblical mandate for Christians to stay engaged with the legal and political realm of American life. It is perfectly appropriate for a Christian to insist that human governments properly respect and obey God's law-word. To the pietists we say, "Jesus did pray, 'Thy will be done ON EARTH as it is in Heaven,'" and He most certainly did NOT pray, "Thy will be done only someday during the eternal ages on earth as it is in Heaven."

In summary, the woke evangelists are aggressively engaged in the political struggles (and being involved is absolutely required), but, sadly, they are evangelists of heretical, race- based ideas that are unfaithful to scripture and can be construed to support a works-based salvation. The pietists, on the other hand, are often faithful to the Scriptures (when it comes to salvation by grace through faith and not of works), but they are bizarrely paralyzed by their errant teaching that encourages Christians to abdicate their Kingdom obligations to be salt and light in the political/legal world as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.

Both positions are unnecessarily flawed. Both require correction. Both should repent and turn around where they are wrong. Social justice warriors should repent for conflating Marxism with the subject of justice. Pietists should repent for abdicating their moral obligation to vote Biblically (in obedience to the everlasting wisdom of Exodus 18:21) while living in a Republic. One extreme (the woke evangelist) activates dangerous heretical views and applies it to the American political arena. The other (the pietist), ironically, through their deliberate absence in political work, creates the vacuum necessary for the woke evangelists to seize the reigns of power in our Republic.

Lord have mercy on us all! Save us from these ditches, Lord!


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