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Bobby Lopez exposes the persecution of Conservatives within Academia | Conversations with Jeff #90

This episode of Conversations with Jeff features an interview from the online event Cancelled: Enough is Enough! Bobby Lopez shares his experience working within the academic world, both secular and Christian. He's seen Cancel Culture and censorship up close and personal, which gives him a unique perspective on this vitally important issue.

As a professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, he actually lost his job for sharing his testimony of coming out of the homosexual lifestyle and talking about same-sex child abuse. While this is a controversial subject in the secular world, there should be consensus within the Conservative Christian world. Unfortunately, what Bobby experienced was even some of the most conservative Evangelical leaders attempt to silence him from discussing this important topic.

Bobby has a few potential solutions. One way to end Cancel Culture within the academic world would be to have governmental oversight to protect conservative professors. This would ensure that there's no group think or pushes for propaganda on university campuses. College is supposed to be a place to teach you how to think, not simply be a propaganda machine, as it is today. The other solution would be end tenure, which Bobby discusses extensively.

Professors like Bobby Lopez need to be applauded for taking a stand for the truth and exposing this persecutions of conservatives and those who believe in Christian values. Let's join together to end Cancel Culture on college campuses!

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