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Bob Dunlap on the possibility of another Civil War | Conversations with Jeff #88

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WARNING: Some strong language is used during the course of the podcast

This episode of Conversations with Jeff features Bob Dunlap, co-host of Bob & Eric Save America on Freedom First Network. America seems to be crumbling before our eyes, and we are heading towards an ideological Civil War. In all reality, this civil war will be between the godly vs ungodly. In all reality, the conservative platforms mostly represents what God calls for us in God's word. The progressive platform is just about as ungodly and unbiblical as you can possibly get.

This is an indicator that the church is largely failing in its mission, since the Gospel has been largely watered down and manipulated to the point that it's unrecognizable in most settings.

One of the things that Bob really focused on was that we are more than likely heading towards a Civil War. That's where we, as Christians, have to be prepared to pick a side and figure out how we can glorify God in the midst of this fight. Might we suggest taking up the mentality of our Founding Fathers?

I do not want to see a Civil War. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be surprised if it actually happened. It wouldn't be between states, but between ideologies. I pray that it's not a physical war. But no matter what happens, we have to press forward, being willing to defend our Constitutional Rights and providing actual justice with a moral government that enforces the law.

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