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Black Lives Matter, Calvinism & Speaking in Tongues | Ask Dr Mike | Episode 3

Ask Dr Mike is a monthly Q&A show where host Jeff Dornik asks Dr Mike Spaulding YOUR questions that you submitted... If you'd like to submit any Bible questions you might have for next month's show, please email them to gatekeepersonline@gmail.com.


Should Christians take a stand against racism by participating in the black lives matter protests?

When the Bible talks about predestination and election, does that mean that some are predestined for heaven and some for hell?

Are the tongues spoken about in the New Testament a known language or is it a prayer language? I've heard some pastors claim that the plural "tongues" in 1 Corinthians 14 is referring to legitimate speaking languages, while the singular "tongue" is referring to something that pagan worshippers participated in.



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