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Bishop Robert E Smith: The Church has been caught with its diaper down and milk on its mustache

Bishop Robert E Smith is leading five weeks of prayer for America... praying that God will work in a great and miraculous way to preserve our great country. With voter fraud being exposed for all to see, we are witnessing our country being hijacked before our eyes! A Joe Biden presidency would be the end of America as we know it. We must continue to fight and pray that God will return blessings to America, preserving the great freedom and liberty that we've obviously taken for granted for far too long.

Every Friday night, Bishop Smith is leading an all-night prayer livestream, leading pastors and churches across the country in continual prayer for President Donald Trump, The Church and America. We are facing dark times in American history, so we are praying that God will bring revival and preserving that which makes our country truly great.

The Church has been failing in leading the charge for morality and Biblical Christianity. We've seen people like Beth Moore, Karen Swallow Prior, The Gospel Coalition and leaders within the Southern Baptist Convention call out believers who support President Donald Trump. As the Bishop so eloquently states: The Church has been caught with its diapers down and milk in its mustache! These Evangelical Leaders realize that they are getting exposed, so their outspoken criticism of Donald Trump and conservatives across this country shows where their heart truly lies... and it's not in the Christianity found in God's Word!

Let's all join in with Bishop Robert E Smith and spend time praying and fasting for our nation. We are in the midst of a spiritual war for the soul of our country. It's do or die time for America! The amazing thing about all of this is that if God does, in fact, save America, it will be all for His glory.


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