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Big Tech censors President Trump's video calling for peace

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are taking unprecedented actions today in response to the protests occurring at the Capitol Building in Washington DC. President Donald Trump posted a video calling on peace in the midst of the violent outbreaks, yet the Big Tech Social Media companies are limiting or completely removing it from their platforms.

This is unprecedented to have a president call for peace, yet gets censored by the mainstream media and Big Tech. This is just proof that the elites do not understand the American people or what we believe. They are demanding that we, as Americans and Conservatives, submit to their commands that we believe that the 2020 Election was fairly voted on.

The Establishment, both Democrat and Republican, are attempting to do all they can to pin the blame of the chaos onto President Trump. Nevermind that when the BLM and Antifa riots were going on, they were called mostly peaceful... all while buildings and police cars were burning behind them. Today, millions of American Patriots gather together in a literally mostly peaceful protest, and they are all labeled terrorist.

I'm receiving reports from people on the ground in Washington DC that BLM and Antifa were on the prowl, doing whatever they can to instigate violence and fighting. I'm hoping to have more information on this later this evening.

Pray for our nation. We are facing an unprecedented battle. I pray that it does not turn violent. However, we are fighting for the soul of our nation. Do not give up, brothers and sisters. America is worth fighting for.


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