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Biden's Inflation Reduction Act Should Have Been Called the Marxist Deconstruction and Tyranny Act

President Biden proudly signed the "Inflation Reduction Act"... It spends around 384 Billion dollars to fight imaginary "climate change" and to hire 80,000 more IRS agents (who will carry guns even though guns, not people, need to be outlawed?)

"What causes inflation," you may ask?

Well, Government printing and spending money is what causes inflation, of course.

The University of Pennsylvania's economics wing responded to the new reckless spending bill with these words: "...the impact [of this bill] on inflation is statistically indistinguishable from zero."

The most remarkable part of this story - to me - is that what should have been properly named the "Marxist Deconstruction and Tyranny Act" insultingly dubbed the "Inflation Reduction Act", was proudly signed by the same President who just said on August 10, 2022, that the rate of inflation in July 2022 was “zero percent.” (I hope he meant month to month and not year to year, but it's hard to know what he meant.)

America remains under the punitive judgment of God - judgment that seems to increase with ratcheting severity as the years go by. With very little, if any, repentance for lifestyle lesser-evilism and political party idolatry taking place it isn't difficult to understand why this is the case, but so few seem to talk about it these days.

A Call to Action!

We are facing an unprecedented attempt to establish the New World Order… or, in other words, the antichrist reign that's predicted in the Book of Revelation. Not only is this happening through politics, but through the hijacking of the Evangelical Church and the corruption of the Gospel.

Here at The GateKeepers, we are doing everything we can to fight the good fight, taking the good news of the Gospel and the Truth found in God’s Word and shine that light into the darkness of politics, culture and, yes, even the church.

Unfortunately, that takes resources in order to get the truth out to as many people as possible. For us, we use articles, podcasts, conferences and books to accomplish this mission. There are a few ways that you can help:

The GateKeepers has partnered with Freedom First TV to bring all of our video content into one platform. You’ll be able to find Conversations with Jeff, The Big Brown Gadfly and Dr Mike Live all over on that platform, and that content will continue to be accessible to all. You can register for Freedom First TV using code GATE for a 25% discount, which will get you access to the full library of shows from hosts such as Teddy Daniels, Karen Kingston, Jeff Dornik, Kandiss Taylor, Matt Couch and more. Click here to sign up.

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Pastor Sam Jones’ book 5 Steps to Kill a Nation and How to Stop the Bleeding, is a primer on how America fell and what we can do to turn things around. And, finally, Bobby Lopez’s upcoming book, Cancel-Proof Christianity, is now available for pre-order, which will lay out his vision for how we can, well, cancel-proof Christianity through the establishment of an alternative ecosystem. We also have an assortment of used books you can choose from, as well. You can order all of these books in The GK Store.

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