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Biden Continues to Damage the Economy by Requiring Health Insurers to Cover 100% of Home COVID Tests

In a continued plan to ruin our economy and continue the COVID narrative Biden plans to announce that Health insurers will have to cover 100% of in home covid tests Fox News Reports.

President Biden is set to announce that health insurers must cover 100% of the cost of in-home COVID-19 tests as part of his winter plan to combat the pandemic. “The President will announce his health insurance must cover 100% of the cost of at-home tests purchased by their members,” a senior administration official said of the president’s planned announcement. The move will come as part of Biden’s winter plan to combat COVID-19 as fears grow over the spread of the Omicron variant, with U.S. recording its first case of the new strain Wednesday.”

“Other measures the president plans to announce Thursday include increased access to vaccine boosters, launching more family vaccination clinics in an effort to get more kids vaccinated, distributing 50 million free tests throughout the country, and a requirement that all international travelers show a negative test one day being departure. “We will continue to act aggressively, we will continue to follow the science, we will continue to prepare for all scenarios and work day and night to protect the American people, keep our schools open, keep our economy growing and get this pandemic behind us,” a senior administration official said.”

“Biden will also call on businesses to voluntarily implement a vaccine mandate as part of his announcement. “What we’re doing is what we’ve done all along, which is we’re asking businesses to step forward and do the right thing to protect our workers, protect our community and to put in place some sort of vaccination requirement or testing requirements for the workplace,” a senior administration official said. “We know they work and we think it’s in the best interest of public health.”

First I want to correct them when they say, “President Biden” he happens to be in the white house but he isn’t a legitimate president. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s think through what Biden is planning on doing to help our economy.

1. Make insurers pay for at home tests 2. Send out 50 million “free” tests 3. Push for children to be vaccinated and 4. Put pressure on employers to create vaccine mandates.

All of these will damage the economy further.

This will cause the price of the your health insurance to go up because nothing is free and what Biden is actually doing is making the whole of society pay for the tests as opposed to the individual pay for the test that they individually use. In sending out 50 million “free” tests he is actually raising taxes either directly or through inflation and accrued debt for the United States.

In pushing for children to be vaccinated this will come out of the public’s pocked no doubt. Finally he is going to push employers harder to do vaccine mandates this will further cripple the supply chain as workers get fired with their strongly held belief. In short Biden is doing the opposite of helping the economy.

This article was originally published at Freedom First Network and is reposted with permission.

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