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Beth Moore: White supremacy has held tight in much of the church

We all know that Beth Moore has become “woke”. She used to be the go-to when it came to women’s Bible studies within Conservative Evangelicalism. Now, she’s attempting to implement Woke Christianity. Anytime she discusses political or social justice issues, she sounds like she’s getting her information from a Bernie Sanders rally. Yesterday, she took to Twitter in a rant about the white supremacy of Christianity.

If you’re gonna let a little name-calling keep you from standing up for what you believe according to the Word of God is gospel truth, you ain’t ready. White supremacy has held tight in much of the church for so long because the racists outlasted the anti racists. Outlast THEM.

They’re going to call you a Marxist, a liberal (their worst possible derision) & a leftist. They’re going to make fun of your “wokeness” & they’re going to say you’ve departed all faithfulness to the Scriptures. If you teach or preach, they’ll say you are a false teacher/prophet.

And they do this because it is effective. There will be people who believe them. And this is why it has worked for generations. The names in the name-calling may be different but the fear it triggers is the same. No servant of God wants to be seen as unfaithful. So we tone down.

Can’t say this strongly enough: Stay in your Bibles. Read the OT prophets & watch for verses noting God’s displeasure over injustice. Note divine judgment. Start w/ Isaiah. Pore over the Gospels & watch what compelled & repelled Jesus. Read Acts thru Revelation. Read, read, READ.

Stop being intimidated. Don’t enter into the name-calling war. Hold onto your heart as you stand firm. Jesus said a tree is known by its fruit. Gal 5:22-23 lists the fruit Jesus prioritizes: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness & self-control.

The white supremacist way has produced terrible fruit. ENDURE. In regard to the ones who will believe you’re on the slippery slope, just keep serving Jesus faithfully. They are looking for you to go off the deep end in a few years. SO DON’T. Stay faithful to Jesus. Time’ll tell.”

Her arguments, when held up to logical scrutiny, don’t hold water. She calls on people to not name-call, all while she calls the majority of Christianity white supremacists. She uses a logical fallacy, claiming that those that call her a false teacher do so because they are white supremacists. And that’s not even getting to the point that she provides no evidence at all in regards to what data she is reading that supports her claim that white supremacy is prevalent within the church.

The thing is, she’s starting out with a false premise. She’s assuming that white people are natural racist. She’s assuming that those within the Black community being oppressed. She’s assuming that the color of your skin dictates your hierarchy in life. Last I checked, judging someone based on the color of their skin is, in and of itself, racist.

In a recent video posted by Denise McAllister, she dealt with this very idea in response to Oprah Winfrey’s extreme comments about white supremacy and white privilege. I would highly recommend Beth Moore listens to what Denise says:

Here’s the thing in regards to racism. Racism is pure evil, and has had a very prevalent place in our nation’s history. Slavery was an awful stain on our nation’s morality, literally kidnapping people and treating them as sub-human. Even today, there are racists. I’m sure that there are even pastors who are racists. That’s just a fact.

That, however, does not mean that white supremacy is rampant within the Christian church. Saying things like “white supremacy has held tight in much of the church…” is implying that the church system is flawed and filled with the majority of churches being racist. This is echoing the talking points of the regressive left.

When push comes to shove, however, I don’t think that Beth Moore actually thinks that what she’s saying is true. She’s virtue signaling, trying to show the world that she’s woke. If she truly believed that the church is rampant with white supremacy and racism, she should be outing those racist pastors. She should be publicly calling churches promoting hateful and unbiblical teachings to repent for their sins. But she’s not. She’s just virtue signaling, creating a bogeyman within the church so that she can bash conservatives, yet again.

So let me leave you with a challenge, Beth Moore: If you know of a pastor who is a racist, please tell us. That way we can make our voices heard, condemning the unbiblical teaching of racism and rooting it out from within the church. If you can point out a racist pastor, I will join with you to expose him and let everyone know that he has no place in ministry. However, staying silent when you know that racism is occurring within the church makes you complicit in their sins. Let’s stop just talking about problems and, instead, actually do something about it.

Unless, of course, white supremacy isn’t rampant in the church.

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